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Sony executives have been giving little details about the console

PS4 news reports are buzzing with release date, price and specs speculations about Sony’s new console. Recent reports suggest that the Japanese Conglomerate might be planning for an unveiling before the E3 at a private event. Sony has announced the existence of the next-generation console in February, but held back it’s unveiling.

The release date of PS4 has been the subject of discussion among many gaming forums and blogs, but there is still no confirmation about the reveal, however, sources suggest that Sony might be planning a May disclosure of its new console. Microsoft is rumoured to unveil the Xbox 720 at E3, but some reports suggest a private event unveiling.


PS4 specs have again become an active part of the discussion as GameStop president, Tony Bartel, stated that PS4 will support used games. There has been a lot of talk about Sony’s stand on the support for used games on its next-gen console, but the firm is yet to give an official statement.

The release date rumours of PS4 continue to grow as the firm provides little details about the device.Talking about the design of the console, Sony Worldwide Studios vice president, Michael Denny said, “I’m not sure it’s instructive for me to start trying to describe or talk about what I’ve seen or haven’t seen in terms of the actual look of the box. But yeah, you know it’s going to be another fantastic design and we can’t wait to reveal it.”

Another Sony executive stated that PS4 is not the successor of PS3, but an addition to the PlayStation family. Reports about the availability of the console in one of the regions for the Western holiday season have also been rampant among the gaming community.


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i wonder what that bad boy is going to look like? i actually wouldnt mind a fingerprint magnet again lol


I hope the supposed May reveal stays private because i dont want to see it until E3

I hope it looks as great as all the other systems (although I didnt like the slims that much).

BasilZero said:
I hope it looks as great as all the other systems (although I didnt like the slims that much).

It does.

badgenome said:
BasilZero said:
I hope it looks as great as all the other systems (although I didnt like the slims that much).

It does.

LOL that is awesome xD!

Its like the Wii! Two GCNs duct taped! 4 PS1s duct taped confirmed ;o

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The real question is, does it come in black?

i'm sure it will look great, design is much more impotant nowadays as it was in the past for eletronic products and i think consoles won't really look like console anymore in the future. more like multimedia machines (which they are)

and sony is good if it comes to design, they should make a console similar to their xperia z smartphones!

i dont know, the last 2 systems from sony seem to be gigantic. i hope its smaller than the ps3 at launch. not that it really matters, it would just be nice for it not to take up a whole shelf and then some.

Will return with a better mod group.

It'll look sexy as always

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That is amazing.

A event in mid May to show the MOST BEAUTIFUL CONSOLE DESIGN EVER MADE!!! And the E3 to focus only in games, games and games.

Sony, why so serious?


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