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This guy makes some good points.

What I can see happening is the old guys, people like Miyamoto and Arumora leaving or retiring as new faces join Nintendo which could lead to Nintendo getting a new image because who understand the new generation of gamers better, young gamers themselves. Age 10 & 35, I sound like a snob when I say this, but I feel Iwata and the other workers who been their since the 90s just doesn't understand the new audiences of gamers. For example, Skyward Sword was mostly developed by young gamers from the 90s who grew up playing Zelda, young developers who are in their 20's did most of the developing for Skyward Sword. I think Nintendo need to hire new young faces who love and are inspired by games. New face plus new ideas equal new experience and franchises.


Nintendo rely too much on nostalgia then new IPs, and its starting to grow stell. Do you agree with GameSpot?

I agree up to a point, I would love to see new IPs from Nintendo, why you think I heavliy support Dillon's Rolling Western so much. I personally feel they should have ended the zelda franchise with Skyward Sword and moved on to something new, Like Bungie ending Halo 4 and moving on to Destiny. But it is a good buisness move to push these old franchises to a new generation of players.

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honestly i don't take anything gamespot says seriously especially after the kayne and lynch incident where one of the reviewers that worked was fired after giving the game a 6/10

Nintendo fails to innovate.


i can't take them seriously, Tom said a while ago that zelda should go back to it's roots. It does and he still complains. Seriously.

I don't take gamespot seriously after their Skyward Sword review.

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They make a lot of new IPs. Also, their old ones are still great, so I don't see what's the problem. CoD series has more games than most Nintendo franchises in only 2 generations of existance and that's hardly talked about. Sony has Gran Turismo which was first made in the PS1 and nobody cares. I don't see why it's such a big deal when the franchises mentioned are from Nintendo.

Shut up, Gamespot. The only worth mentioning people in that site right now are Danny (You people should check Random Encounter and Escape from Mount Stupid. Such awesome shows) and Tom McShea.

Piss off Gamespot. Nintendo is the only company with balls to give fans what they want.

What other company would have the balls to grab one of their iconic franchises and bring it back to the 16 bit era gameplay. We dont get big budget classic games like that anymore. The only company that tried that in recent memory was Ubisoft with Rayman Origins.
Software developers should be more like Nintendo. This senseless hating needs to stop. Not all of us want every franchise ever revived has an FPS for next-gen consoles. Enough already.

Nintendo is not going to stop putting out a new game for their main franchises but I agree that I'd like to see new IPs as well

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