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Do you think you're smarter than most people on this sight?

Yes 222 64.35%
No 48 13.91%
See results 75 21.74%
Conegamer said:
KHlover said:
Conegamer said:
Well in terms of IQ, yeah. Mine is 144 but you can never really trust these things.

But Im doing a Maths degree in a respected University, so that sorta bodes well.

o.O. Teach me master XD

Honestly, after the "What degree do you have" thread I'm under the impression we have quite a lot of intelligent and educated people on this site. Maybe we should start a buisness :P

I bet a lot of people were lying in that thread however. But, maybe I will teach you some other time!

Yeah, a jump of 14 IQ points would be quite nice XD