11 million next-gen console sales by 2014, analyst predicts

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VGKing said:

BY 2014.

This means that by January 1, 2014, there should be 11 million PS4/720s is households. This is a pretty high prediction and sure to fall short of expectations.

or you should read the article

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By the end of 2014? This analyst expects a console-gaming-crash and says independent devs should go to console? Yeah, sounds like a good advice.

11 million for both is far to low, at least one system should have moved this number by itself. It also isn't outlandish to expect WiiU also hitting 11 million until the end of 2014.

EDIT: Realized he probably meant America only. In that case the prediction is optimistic, but not completely out of the question. It might happen, but at the moment there are too many variables to be sure.

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Over 35 million next-gen consoles have already been sold.


lol this guy is crazy, and the article write is even crazier using words like "will shift a substantial number", not understanding how unrealistic this prediction is.

Only 11 million next gen consoles, PS4 and Nextbox combined, sold in the whole first year?

And only 50 million, a measly 6.25 million per year on average for each of PS4 and Nextbox, by 2017?

If next gen consoles only manage to sell 11 million units by the end of 2014, will they even be in the market in 2017?

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that's way too low, the ps4 and xboxO will sell probably 2mill each by the end of 2013 and 8mill each during 2014 at least

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Conegamer said:
So 6 mil of one, 5 mil of the other? With Wii U sorta the 15mil mark?

Seems plausible.

Lets wait and see.