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Mine keep disconnected from the internet, I can't view my friends list because It keep telling me that everyone is offline including me. I can't log into Miiverse and when I do, pages never fully load, and the browser is not working right either.

Is anyone else having these issues, I hope the update next week fix these issues.

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Never had an issue with mine check your router (port forwarding etc) or just try a reset cheaper routers have a ton of problems with Nintendo devices tablets smartphones or web radios.

A reset fixes this at least temporarily.

probably your router connecting and disconnecting

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Actually yes. Yesterday My Wii U kept disconnecting. No problems so far today though.


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A youtuber i follow says he cannot get into Injustice's online play, when he's waiting it keeps disconnecting him, maybe it's a general problem that has affected some people, inform nintendo.

I don't own a Wii U, but I had similar issues with my 360 when I switched internet companies. Go to the internet connection submenu, and fiddle around a bit. Restore to defaults if you have to, and turn off any setting that looks for the best connection. Have it stick to one and only 1 connection.

Otherwise, call Nintendo, their customer service is fantastic.

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Yes, sometimes online works, sometimes it doesn't. The wifi receiver in the WiiU sucks, any sort of disturbance and it craps out. I managed to 'fix' it by using mHotspot on my laptop. WiiU connects to the laptop. The laptop has no trouble connecting to the router.

Mine is very well behaved but it does sook and cry from time to time because it's hungry. Hungry for games.

Nope, had my wii U since launch and I've never had internet connection issues. My friend has had some thought.

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