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Nintendo dropped a big announcement in our knees today; a new Zelda game! But they also revealed a new Yoshi's Island - both for the 3DS nonetheless. And earlier this year they also announced a new Pokémon (the first in 3D at that!), showed footage of a new game from Monolith simply known as "X", pictures of a remake of Zelda Wind Waker AND confirmed they were showing Super Mario, Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros for the Wii U at E3 this year...

We're not even half way through this year, E3 is still some 2 months away, and Nintendo is announcing games like crazy! What gives? What will they show at E3??! What surprises do they still have after all these announcements?!

I'm pretty sure they'll show Retro's new game for Wii U(I'm pretty sure it's a new IP as well), but other than that? The NEXT (true) Zelda game?

What surprises do YOU think they have up their sleeves?

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Well they've already said part of what'll be there, and the fact that Wii U got very little attention in this Direct episode just further signals that they're keeping most Wii U announcements secret until E3.

So far, we know:

3D Mario in playable form
Mario Kart Wii U in playable form
Wind Waker HD
Smash Bros reveal for 3DS/ Wii U
Yarn Yoshi
Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem

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Golden Sun 4 for 3DS!!!! I'm calling it!!!

Dates for Wii U games. At this point we have none, so literally they have a full catalog to define.

Some damn Wii U games I hope. The current drought is unforgivable.

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the rebirth and exlusivity of SW battlefront III for wiiU and mega man legends 3 for 3ds

ohh boy... why cant dreams come true??

their e3 will be all about wiiu like last year.... then a seperate boring one about 3ds...


They already showed everything (or almost) they have in the works for the Wii U so I'm not expecting much

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aikohualda said:
their e3 will be all about wiiu like last year.... then a seperate boring one about 3ds...

I bloody hope so, after all the limelight hogging over the last few months, I want the 3DS to take up as little time at E3 as possible.

E3 isn't really the place to announce games anymore, it doesn't seem.

Nintendo prefer Directs; Sony have favoured Gamescom/TGS the last few years.

So yeah. Will be interesting to watch this year like always, but I'm not expecting too much.