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A new Zelda game has been announced for the Nintendo 3DS.

The first details of the game were released during today's Nintendo Direct broadcast. It is set in the same world as the 1991 SNES classic A Link To The Past, and is not just a 3D remake of that game.

Hyrule has a similar look and feel, but the new Legend of Zelda game (it doesn't yet have a subtitle) will heavily incorporate the handheld's 3D screen to its gameplay, especially the notion of depth and height. Footage shown during the Nintendo broadcast depicted Link being hurled up in the air towards the player, avoiding obstacles.

Interestingly, Link also has the ability to transform into a crude 2D drawing. When Link activates this ability the perspective of the game changes, switch to a side-on view as Link walks along walls like moving graffiti. Link also benefits from other perks while inhabiting this form – he can now slip through narrow gaps and between the iron bars of a jail cell.

No official date or subtitle was announced for the new 3DS Zelda title but it will be released in time for the 2013 holiday season. A special trailer will be made available on the Nintendo eShop, showcasing the game in all its three-dimensional livery.

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Wow. I don't own a 3DS but this makes me want one... I want this game!!

Man the 3DS is gonna be a beast. I honestly cant wait to get it.

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3d Video going up on the 3ds eshop for it soon. I'm gonna re-launch that app untill i see it :P

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I couldnt work out if it was a remake with new levels/story or a sequel, but whatever it was I cant wait to get it!


Note that a year ago this article was released:

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This gun be good :D

It's a new game with new story, set in the same setting. Graphics look amazing, I bet they would be really cool in 3D.

Rick1331 said:
I couldnt work out if it was a remake with new levels/story or a sequel, but whatever it was I cant wait to get it!

Not a sequel. a new game in the same 'universe' if you will.

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I want to be able to draw maps.

Lets me draw maps, Nintendo.