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If you have an animal who is suffering would you put him/her down?  What if that is what he/she doesn't want?  What if he/she thinks that you have betrayed him/her by doing that?  I mean we don't put people down so I just wanted some opinions on it.

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No. If it's already suffering why would I want to hurt its self esteem? Okay, maybe just a quick, "Yo mama." But no further than that.

I'd put down a person if he/she asked to get put down. As long as I wouldn't get into trouble (which is the key). I don't really have  a problem with Voluntary Euthenasia, but the law does. My view is more complicated this bu whatever.

Animals are difficult because he can't talk. If it was my little dog, I'd have a difficult time doing that. I'd probably just baby him indefinitely. If it wasn't mine, I'd just let it suffer and eventually die cause IDC.

Animals don't "think" or "want".

They follow a pre-programmed set of routines, some of which may be adaptable to changing environmental conditions.

Of course I would. If the animal is suffering and there's nothing I can do to aleviate its pain, I have to put it down. It'd be selfsih and cruel no to do so.

Frankly, I feel the same about humans. Euthanasia shouldn't be a choice or cause for debate, it should be a right.

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Of course i would kill it and if it was my decision, humans too, there's no difference, even against their will, it's the best for them.

I've put down pets by way of a vet's injection and I've put down hurt wild animals that can't be saved myself. It was a kindness to end suffering. Growing up in rural America I've witnessed the full circle of life and I understand and respect it. Humanity are stewards of the Earth and it's creatures. Too many "city folk" have lost touch with nature.

Animals aren't people. They deserve our respect, but not the same respect that we should give human life.

No, I wouldn't. Taking away a life force is not something I can do, even if it was in the best interest of the animal.

I honestly don't think animals should be put below humans either.

I would do it in a heartbeat. Its na´ve to think death shouldn't come at our hands (note the difference between death and murder hear). Humans and animals are not meant to live as long as they do.

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People usually make every important decision for their pet. They decide if they're going to ever breed, where they're going to live, what they're going to eat, and even where they're going to crap. Suddenly, though, when an animal is suffering, some start to worry about what the pet wants? Right. That's cowardice and a way to shirk an unpleasant responsibility. They've made that animal dependent on them. What I really hate is when people pretend that they're going above and beyond to keep the pet alive for the sake of the animal when it's usually just a selfish desire to keep the pet with them for as long as possible or to avoid the guilt of having it put down.