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For me, if you know how I post, you should detect a Microsoft bias towards, things, or less favorable view of Sony.  Yes. I do have some balance for things, and like a number of Sony franchises.  But, it hadn't been really a lot.  But, as of now, in what I have see thus far, I am leaning the Playstation camp as far as consoles go, based on what I have seen.  I see nothing from the rumors around the next Microsoft console, that would cause it to be any way superior to the PS4.  And the Wii U?  I had thought MAYBE it could hold up, but it isn't showing that at all.  I don't think it is going to keep up.  Well, where does that put me?  I am seeing what Microsoft is doing at this point, but I see Sony may have the best next gen home console offering at this point. I didn't think I would of gotten there, and still don't know price of stuff, but it looks like I am in the Playstation camp this moment.  Will see if it holds on.

Take that as it is worth in regards to where things may end up.

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I won't judge anything before all consoles are actually released, it seems far too premature to pick a team right now...

It's not so surprising, the Nextbox hasn't even been unveiled and most rumours floating around suggest it will be the most cynically designed piece of consumer electronics ever conceived in gaming. You should reserve judgement for later in the year.

The Dark Side is seducing you.

not that i'm complaining (i enjoy the company)...

..but without any official news on MS it seems pre-mature.

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Welcome aboard (though the PS crew banished me)! D:


Interesting how the Wii U isn't holding up well against...well, nothing actually. Worrying.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

You really need to wait until MS actually unveil their new console...

Also i don't see why you have to be in any particular camp? Just enjoy everything u can.

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I see MS coming out with a lot of new IPs (and they need them), so I wouldn't decide just yet, especially because the xbox3 hasn't even been unveiled.

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I thought Basil was going to be the OP.

Anywho, I need to come up with a color for you. I have "Grey" for Sony/Nintendo (made this one especially for Basil.)... but nothing for MS/Sony. Let me think about that.

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