If you were transformed into a woman for a limited duration, would you have sex with a man? (possible NSFW)

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Answer the damn question!

Yes 166 42.46%
No 224 57.29%

Imagine this Let's say a creepy genie came from the skies and transformed you into a woman for about a week. You don't have any say in the matter. The genie doesn't do what you tell him to do; he's just messing with you for his own twisted sense of humor, which unfortunately means changing your gender. Your brain and your consciousness will not be directly altered. From the perspective of your mind, it would appear that you are the same. The only difference would be that you are in a woman's body. 

Questions With that in mind, would you have sex with a man if given the oppurtunity? Now I'm not asking would you go around being a slut (that's optional). Let's say you become friends with an amazing guy (based on whatever you consider amazing) and he kindly proposes sex. Would you let him? Furthermore, if you do allow him to have sex with you, would that make you gay? Technically it would not be gay since it would be heterosexual intercourse. But considering you still have the "mind" of male, does having sex with a man, even as a woman, imply that you have homosexual tendencies? 

I would personally have sex with this guy, not because I secretly fantasize about having sex with males, but because of curiousity. I've always been interesting in how sex feels for females. I'm sure it feels great and I'm sure many women and neurologists could explain with great detail how it feels cell by cell. But that doesn't compare to actually experiencing it first-hand. If given the oppurtunity directly experience such a thing I would not waste it, and I don't think most people would. Especially considering the man that I would have sex with would be an ideal partner, in my opinion at least.

My only concern would be if I wanted to remain a woman after being turned back into a man (which could have been the plan of the evil genie all along), but I doubt that will be the case since I see very little advantages in being female. Also, I don't think having intercourse with a man would mean I have homosexual tendencies either. Again, it has nothing to do with me secretly being attracted to males. It's all about curiousity and taking advantage of my particular circumstance while I have the oppurtunity. 

I ask this question because I am conducting research for a school experiment.

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im gay so most probably...


Of course I would, I mean, I would technically be a woman.

I would also probably be just as "slutty" as a woman as I am as a man.


i honestly believed spurg made this thread. when i entered it i was surprised to be honest. and no i wouldnt bang a dude. i would however play with my new awesome boobies day and night

 The One and Only


100% straight, but I would. It'd feel like my duty.

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If it was permanent, I would eventually. But it would take me years to agree to something like that. That's not to say that I'm not curious how a woman feels during sex, hell I've often dreamed of it, but I wouldn't leap at the opportunity without "settling" into my new body first.


Also I'd have sex with my original self if that's included.

That's a tricky question that I already asked myself while watching Minority Report.

It's been quite a while since I saw that movie but from what I remember, nearly at the end of the movie there is a scene where a man is in a virtual reality as a woman and is being fucked by one (or more) "men".

I should watch that movie again....

I would touch myself the entire week, no sex needed. Think about it, you would probably get an orgasm just by looking at yourself in the mirror. Awesome .

"school experiment" ...