Would you be just as big a Nintendo fan if they went "software" only?

Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Would you be just as big a Nintendo fan if they went "software" only?

Not really, I would definitely respect them less. I liked Sega consoles and Sega stuff when they were in the business. Now look at them, I really do not care that much about them.

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Definitely not, i dont know the reason. I just feel like nintendo games belong on their own hardware.

At least Nintendo try with their hardware, left to the others we would only see generic uninspired changes for generations to come

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No. I'd rather they did what they said they'd do and take the franchises to the grave with them.

Maybe. Probably yes. Even though I've purchased every generation of Nintendo's handhelds and all of their consoles but the Wii, I've been a Playstation fan since the PSX. If I could potentially play and purchase the same amount of games without having to purchase additional consoles other than my primary, then I wouldn't mind if Nintendo was software only. I purchase a few titles here and there but not really a big fan of their first party titles so if they scaled back and released less, then wouldn't bother me because it'd be more quality over quantity.  Then all those third party titles that I've favored on my preferred consoles.

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Cobretti2 said:
Gnac said:
Cobretti2 said:
I wouldn't as their games rely on their hardware.

The best thing for Nintendo is to adopt the hardware with western world in mind also. i.e. do their crazy thing but also give specs that will make western devs happy.

What I would have done is released hardware with the specs of a PS4 but with two gamepad support out of the gate. Then sell it at a $200 loss (they can afford to do it atm). This would put pressure on Sony and Microsoft to keep their prices down too and it would make it interesting to see how Sony could afford to have such a loss.

I am glad that you're not in charge of Nintendo.

Why because I would take an agressive move against Sony? This was their best opportunity to do so with Sony and their financial woes atm. Last gen I would not consider such move as everyone expected PS3 to dominate. 

The problem with your line of thinking is that it assumes guaranteed third party support if only the specs are there. Suppose the support isn't coming despite the specs (and that's likely, seeing how the Wii U isn't getting a lot of the current 360/PS3 multiplats), then Nintendo's move wouldn't be really an aggressive one against Sony. Nintendo would be burning their money while nothing changes for Sony who would still have a lot of games that Nintendo doesn't.

Besides, everytime Nintendo designed a system with the goal to take market share away from competitors, they performed worse than in the previous generation. These systems are SNES, N64, GC, 3DS, Wii U. The Wii U is bad enough as it is, but your suggestions would make it even worse.

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It would be good not to have to get their console, but they would do worse as a company and then game quality could suffer. So any Nintendo fan can't really support this. If the quality definitely wouldn't decrease, I think everyone would support this.

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In my opinion the gaming industry would fall to a new low. Nintendo are the only ones keeping the console market fresh. If its graphics you want buy a good PC, if its innovation buy a Nintendo. PS/Xbox already miss out on playing 3 good genras like RTS/Simulators/MMOs due to there basic control systems.
Sony Wouldnt last long either, there already in the negative and with no Nintendo to copy and paste then they will fall next due to lack of ideas.
MS will be the only one left making Consoles which isnt a bad thing but then again if they lack the innovation, then the market dies and the world would become Pro PC (which i wouldnt mind since im a PC gamer)

Well I guess I would still be a fan. It would be cool and weird playing Mario kart or smash bros on Playstation.

I probably would buy more games from from them for sure depending what platforms they published on. If the put games on tablets I would play Mario Kart, Zelda, and Mario's. If they just put them on home consoles I would probably get more too. It would be an obvious increase as the Wii scared me away from the consoles and my tablet prevents me from ever buying a handheld.