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Looks standard to me. I much more care for what is going on in the story for this one.

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And this is done on a 7 year old hardware?!

That is the same level of lighting a lot of games have these days, Uncharted 3, Gears of War Judgement, Bioshock Infinite, Crysis 3. Indoor lighting stands out slightly more.

Surely it's not 'real' GI though? You see it in other scenes too, especially when he's using the torch. Mind you, I don't care if it's NOT real GI, it's bloody impressive.


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I'm getting this on day one. I've never seen the road,but it reminds of that movie for some reason.

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avais1993 said:
omg the second scene in the building looks exactly like uncharted with an older bearded drake :L....i love it

yeah that reminded me of the room in uncharted 3 where you have to pull up the chandelier (or what it was) but the room was a ruin.

about the lighting, hmm don't know, great that they know how important lighting is but not sure if it is so insane for nowadays standards compared to other games where developers realized lighting is very important. but maybe i just think so because i play so much on pc last time.

I agree it looks beautiful, but not much above UC2 and 3 levels.

Beyond:Two Souls looks far more impressive from a technical standpoint.

Why is he getting lighter walking towards the sun? especially the side that is turned away from the sun? he was not standing in shade beforehand.

I am a bit confused on how that should work in "real life".

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Altough I am not hyped for this game, it does looks very good. Lightning sure makes a world beatiful

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Looks great - cant wait to play this game :)


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