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Seriously, holy shit

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And a shoutout to Beyond while Im at it

cant wait to see what naughty fod does with the ps4, i hope they show something at e3, new IP for this gen :P


thats really nothing special, even for a PS3 game, what are you talking about?

omg the second scene in the building looks exactly like uncharted with an older bearded drake :L....i love it

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i really hope sony makes this for ps4 later on.


Impressive .. very impressive indeed. ND are making the PS3 sing higher notes than an opera.


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that is awesome.... do you guys know how much they spend to make this game?
and how many they need to sell to break even?


First party game means less sales to make even. So I expect about 1-1.5 mill to break even. But damn if naughty dog can do this on a console 8x weaker than the ps4 then what can I expect from them next gen :D So excited about naughty dog, and Quantic Dreams next gen!!!

what is so special about this? lol...i swear....overreacting fanboys nowadays.....

EDIT: sorry for being an asshole :(

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