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Both the mega successful Wii and DS both have successors on the market, but both are still on the market themselves and continue to sell. My question is do Nintendo still make decent financial gains with these two systems still out there. In my knowledge i have never known Nintendo have 4 devices on sale at the same time, but even though they are no longer properley supporting Wii and DS both the hardware and backlog of decent games (most still full price) still pull in respectable numbers. Many people say that with Wii still being on the market it is hurting Wii U sales, maybe it is, but it must be still raking in decent cash for Nintendo not to kill it entirely. What are your thoughts??

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They recently brought over the Wii MIni to Europe. I suspect they wouldn't do that if they lose on the system.

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The Wii and DS of course contribute positively to Nintendo's bottom line. Minimal money spent on marketing nowadays, but hardware and software still sells.

Many people like to say that legacy systems hurt the sales of their successors, because that's what they'd like to believe. The other option would be to admit that the successors suck or, if you want to put it another way, struggle on their own merits. The Wii isn't hurting the Wii U. The Wii U is hurting the Wii U.

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yeah they dont spend anything on marketing... and most of their games are still on full price....same reason why psp games are still selling in japan... because you can play them on vita...i think so, not sure :P

it is not like they stopped ps2 when ps3 was released


Walmart never has much stock, but Wii and DS and 3DS games are always sold out it seems. I would say they are doing well.

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