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Didn`t try that many Sony games but i really liked Ratchet & Clank, Resistance and Uncharted.

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Sony's strength isn't any specific IP with a massive following; It's the wealth of fresh gameplay experiences they offer each gen.

Hence few people will say, "Yes, I want this and this Sony game". Fact is, they would probably not mind having 15 or 20 Sony published games.

I love almost every single game made or published by Sony, they just match my taste perfectly especially with all the different games that offer variety and the huge rate they come out at. Nintendo only offers me the same type of experience that I am used to, while zelda, pokemon, etc are amazing, you just know what the feeling you are gonna have in every game. Talking about exclusives has got me excited for the last of us again and i was trying to block it out until June.

I really respect the variety of Sony's output. Every generation they come out with big, fresh IPs. Honestly though, I love my Playstation for the third party support it gets from Japan, and don't pick up a huge amount of Sony's 1st party stuff. I really enjoyed the firsts two Uncharteds, and LittlebigPlanet, but I'm feeling a little burnt out on those two. I'm looking forward to The Last of Us, and keep meaning to try Infamous 2 and Tokyo Jungle, but the God of Wars and Killzones don't really appeal to me.

Likewise with Nintendo though; I'm pretty burnt out on their big franchises. I've really enjoyed lots of their iterations, but I can't really face another Mario, Zelda or Mario Kart.

Like games such as GT, Twisted Metal, and perhaps a few more IPs. I just don't like most of their fans.

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Wii and PS3 owner here. While I do enjoy Sony first party games, I don't think they have the same "must own" power that Nintendo first party has...they are still great but I wouldn't be all too broken up about not being able to play them.

Warhawk on the PS1 was an awesome game. A lot of their big budget games now seem like 'me too' attempts at trying to capture the spirit and sales of popular third party games. That would make sense giving that playstation has always sold on the strength of their insane third party support but they just seem uninspired. The last of us, for instance, albeit does have a cool setting but for all the hype it gets you would think it was something a lot more than what the gameplay trailers for it revealed. It looked a little too much paint by numbers. Nintendo games are more clever in design and offer genuine challenge and exude a charm that few developers exhibit. I feel the same way about capcom and treasure games as well; maybe it's a Japanese thing.

I'm guessing there will be a lot of "no" answers.

Sony doesn't make many platformers.

Not really interested. Too much violence.

Only games interesting are Ico, Shadow and last guardian. also maybe the last of us.

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sethnintendo said:
Like games such as GT, Twisted Metal, and perhaps a few more IPs. I just don't like most of their fans.

And how exactly is that going to affect your enjoyment for the games?