Sony's FY2012 Earnings: $458m Profit (FY); 3.4m PS3+PS2 (Q4); 1.3m PSV+PSP (Q4)

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People please stop quoting and asking questions to ethomaz, let him take a rest, he said almost an hour ago that he is going to bed but apparently he can't because of you ;-P

So it is happening...PS4 preorder.

Greatness Awaits!

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eFKac said:

People please stop quoting and asking questions to ethomaz, let him take a rest, he said almost an hour ago that he is going to bed but apparently he can't because of you ;-P

I was a bit excited to sleep lol but now I'm going.

Good night guys.

Max King of the Wild said:
Carl2291 said:
Ouch Vita. Very ouch.

On the plother hand, PS3 and PS2 continue to look strong. Dat PS2.

plother hand? Do you mean plother hade? Or plother sind?

lol, I just woke up. Im tired!  

On the other hand, I could have said on the other hand.

ethomaz said:
3.4m PS3 + PS2 WOW

Holy flying fuck!!

ethomaz said:

Forecast FY2013

+ $500 million profit
+ 10 million PS3
+ 5 million Vita + PSP

PS. The PS2 is no more included in the forecast... neither PS4.

So they're not planning a price cut for Vita...

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Soundwave said:
Chandler said:
5m forecast for PSV+PSP. Am I the only one that thinks that Sony does not have anything exclusive in the pipes for Vita aside from what is known (tearaway and killzone)?

Yup, pretty much. They don't have much coming in the next year to sell this thing and they know it. All they can do is drop the price in the West, but that will cause a temporary bump and not much more. There's not much they can do for it otherwise.

Just the Fact that Sony has lowered their sales number projections does not mean they are going to freaking drop the PSVita, God, that like saying you drop a product that can sell 2 to 3 million units a year! you are still selling 2 to three million unit's of the product a year. How many other freaking other dedicated Game Handhelds not made by Nintendo has even getting number's like that aside from Sony? None. as far as this market is concerned it is just Nintendo and Sony for dedicated Handhelds, with Sony having sold over 8 million xperia handhelds that run Playstation Mobile, do you really think Sony is going to just sit there and let Nintendeo have no other viable choice for a dedicated Game handheld other than Nintendo in this part of the Market?

Look, The sheer fact aside from what 1st party effort's we do not know that are in the pipe line for the PSVita, taking a more realistic level of sales projection is not a bad thing when the only other company that makes dedicated handheld games system's  is by far the market leader, but at least they are not the only choice of system to choose from in this market. I swear ever since the PSVita has beeing doing these kind of sales number's it seems people have been calling for a Nintendo Monopoly for handheld gaming in this market. That's just as bad as people wanting only Sony to be the market leader in game console's and other two to drop Out.


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Okay, so I gotta ask: Did Sony profit because they actually turned their situation around that drastically... or is it because of the couple billion they made off of the buildings they sold?

They can't be stopped...


So how many ps3 shipped LTD??

Colocho said:
So how many ps3 shipped LTD??

80.4million and subtract the amount ps2s shipped last year. The year before the Ps2 only shipped 4.1mil and was showing massive declines. It was only able to muster up 1.5mil in the busiest half of the year with 900k of that during the holidays. Worst case scenario for Ps3 is Ps2 matching last years total (which I doubt) putting the Ps3 900k behind the 360. Best case scenario would be Sony shipping 0 Ps2's and Ps3 at 80.4mil... but thats obviously unrealistic and in my opinion the best case scenario is 3.5mil ps2's shipped putting the Ps3 at 76.9mil.

Probably close to a mil undertracked at VGC

So... PS3 has overtaken 360 WW?

It's just that simple.