Forums - Gaming Discussion - Bioshock Infinite "motion sickness"? Or did I eat something disagreeable?

I have heard of people getting something like motion sickness from a videogame.  I never experienced it, so I wasn't sure what it was.  Well, I went out last night, after seeing a Red Box email that Bioshock Infinite was at a local Red Box unit, so I went out to get it.  I had been thinking of it and wanted to try it.

Not sure what it is, but did I get virtual motion sickness?  I am playing, and then felt nausia come on.  What the game tries to do is great, and the world is engrossing, but suddenly start to feel nausia.  I had never experienced before.  Am I actually experience the videogame version of motion sickness?

I was curious what was going on.  I am likely going to have return the ame before finishing it.

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Oddly, I had the same issue while playing Bioshock Infinite. I had to take many breaks in between.

Never had that issue with a game before and I have played many FPS titles.

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I get it from certain games. This is one of them. Though this isn't as bad as others for me. I had to stop playing dishonoured. Could not manage 10 mins at a time.

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Possibly. I haven't played BioShock Infinite yet, but that sounds similar to what I experienced when I played Half-Life 2 and Portal. Those are the only games that have given me motion sickness so far.

If you haven't already, check to see if you can increase the FOV range. After I move the slider all the way up it helped.

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Portal is the only one that came close to making me have motion sickness but it isnt as bad as what others may of said ;x.

I never got it except on this one loading screen where you were whizzing by stars but I don't remember which game. I just remember I couldn't stare at that loading screen without my eyes hurting and feeling a little sick.

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I get it if I happen to be watching someone else play a FPS, or playing certain ones myself. The first time I ever actually felt it was playing Mario 64. That said, I'm almost finished with Bioshock Infinite and I never felt it one bit. And I'd consider myself pretty susceptible to it.

happens to me everytime i play fps games

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I had to check, because I never had this happen before, And I think it is mainly the skyhook parts which really get to me. Go figure.