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Well it's getting Watch Dogs,Assassins Creed and Batman for this year and probably more Ive forgotten or haven't been announced. And Deep Silver isn't making games for anything next gen.

Battlefield is a blow, yes, but as of yet I don't see a huge gap of 3rd party games. All we need is release dates for games soon.


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BossPuma said:
superchunk said:
ubisoft, capcom, SE, sega, WB, and so on.... I don't see them getting excluded. Plus Deep Silver isn't making games for any next-gen yet as they don't do that until the console has a size-able userbase.

I think a lot of japanese companies are on board with the wiiu but Western companies like EA and activition dont want to bother with it

I'd be very surprised if FIFA etc. didn't come to Nintendos system, the same with COD and Spyro. Sure, it's not great, but excluding the Wii U with their biggest franchises is the last things they'd do.

Whether the games are any good or sell, however, is another story. But it's the same problem the PS4 and 720 also face.


Here lies the dearly departed Nintendomination Thread.

Wii U 3rd party support is vastly greater than Wii 3rd party support. And this will only get better as the console and software market for it matures.

The lack of Deep Silver (a publisher, not a developer) is hardly a blow to the system. Most of their focus in on the PC and many of their games are co-published with others anyway.

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I cannot blame anyone for a business decision.
I can disagree with their assessments of market conditions.
And I believe that those who feel that the PS4 and NextBox will sell like gangbusters are not accurately reading the market. It is just a gut feeling. But I don't believe the trouble the WiiU has had in getting post-launch traction will only be limited to that console. And it may even be worse for these as their predecessors are already in HD.

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ThatGreekGuy said:

For a new console, it really seems bad for companies like Deep Silver to say that they won't make any game for the console, even though it can handle the same games at the PS3 and XBOX 360.

Battlefield 4 isn't coming either.

What do you think?

Actually WiiU gets better 3rd-party-support than Wii. Batman, Watchdogs, Assassins Creed, Monster Hunter, Resident Evil, Dragon Quest - all that in such a timeframe is much better than what Wii got.

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Splinter Cell Blacklist was just announced for Wii U... at least Ubisoft is giving it some love.

M.U.G.E.N said:
superchunk said:
M.U.G.E.N said:

But this is not the same situation at all..wiiu has been in the market for a while now..they pretty much say they have no games planned for it now OR in the foreseeable future

They confirm they will on the ps4/720

The issue here is not the size of the audience but the audience itself. They don't think there's an audience for the game on it. The system has an audience problem

I mean it's not the big boys are there for the wiiu either if you want to go word by word..makes no sense

Why is this so complicated?

DS looks at WiiU and sees a console that has been underperforming since January and for the "foreseable" future they don't think it'll change.

However, they firmly believe the PS4/neXtBox will perform at a level that they will support it eventually.

That's it. Its just userbase size and their personal views on its growth. They are not large enough to risk a game on a small userbase which is why they won't put games on launch PS4/neXtBox either.

"foreseable future" does not equal "never ever". By 2014, DS will have changed their minds as sales will give them that positive long-term outlook.

So you think this is strictly about the 'size' of the audience? It isn't. When they say it's not the market we reach best they think the market is not the type of market that their games will sell well in. It's not a mere issue of a size of a market...I am not sure why you keep running around this simple fact. I mean they pretty much outrish said it...the nintendo audience or their market the key words here

I agree with you. The pure installbase is not all that is important, also if  there is an audience for the games. As I said for Wii: 3rd-parties could sell games, if they made it for the audience (Just Dance, Zumba). Deep Silver may have IPs though, that could probably sell on WiiU. But currently it is very risky. The PS4/Nextbox may better platforms for their games in the beginning, although we don't know much yet. They project the audience of the last system to the next one. That is a valid approach, but it may fail. In the case of the WiiU it fails obviously: while Just Dance 4 sold good as always on Wii, it was not so good on WiiU. That shows, that in a generational change the audience can change.

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kupomogli said:
bananaking21 said:
BaldrSkies said:
...isn't Deep Silver the ones who made that ridiculously hyped, and then ridiculously underwhelming zombie game?

its called dead island, yes they were the ones. it was a good game actually. the trailer made expectations to high for it but overall the game is actually really fun

If you own it for the 360 and PC.  I bought the game for the PS3 and while I completed it, I'll never go back to it.  The amount of screen tearing and frame drops made that an effort to go through the first time around.  Unless it's tested somewhere like Digital Foundry or another analysis site and can almost consistently run at a locked 30fps, then I won't be getting the PS3 version.

Wii U is lucky they're not getting a port of Riptide.  It'd just frusturate the fans how bad the framerate and screen tearing is.

As a fan of Sacred 2, it's a shame Deep Silver owns the developer and will be handling the ports of Sacred 3.  I can only hope the port isn't butchered.  I have a PC that can more than likely run it, but I'd rather run it on a console as there's no DRM making my disc worthless.  Saints Row is owned by Deep Silver now, too. 

i played it on ps3, though i downloaded all the patches first. the game actually ran great with me, cant say i have much complaints

Also has anyone noticed Wii U sales are up? Ok that isn't saying much after only selling
approx 30k per week over Jan/Feb but the console is now consistently selling double that
and you can't help but feel with a strong E3 of not only expected releases (Zelda, Mario, Smash Bros, Mario Kart)
and some unexpected yet welcome 1st party releases (F-Zero, Metroid, Yoshi's Story HD, Advance Wars) and a with hopefully a price the console could go to the next level....
Mark my words, I don't give a flying fuck how much ram PS4 has it's a competitive market and it will
have to have a point of difference to succeed. If PS4 is simply PS3 with better graphics for $500US it will fail....