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How many times a week and what kind of climate you live in?

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minimum 7 times a week. you? how many months pass before you take one?

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I usually take it 7 times or more a week.

Deyon said:

Just wondering..

A week?  Someone's posh!!!

Try a year.  Or for those more affluent, a month.

I shower once a day (so 7 a week) and do wudu 5 times a day. Got to stay clean!


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bananaking21 said:
minimum 7 times a week. you? how many months pass before you take one?

I take a shower every time I jerk off, so I take a shower every 2 hours.


2 times a day, I like it!

when I was a kid I literally had 1 or 2 baths a week, I can recall getting in the bath with mud caked onto my knees that had been there for days!

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mostly 1-3 times a day...

so thats atleast 7-21 (maybe on the summer)/week
i think i average 14/week

usually before i go to work/school then before i sleep/after exercise...

and yes it dries my skin pretty bad


3 times a day = 21 times a week

I would say 6 times a week minimum. Every day during the working day, and sometimes I skip a day on the weekend. Same with shaving.

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