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So fellow Chartz members, what kind of knowledge has the playing of games taught you?

I learned what the word parry meant from playing WindWaker. What a rapier and poleax was from Fire Emblem. (Kinda stolen but hey happened to me too) I can distinguish that the Stalagmite comes from the ground up thanks to Tales of Symphonia.

And of course, the basics of Evolution from Pokemon. (Branching, Linear, EV and IV reflecting nature vs nuture etc.)

Of course most of this happened when I was little and wouldn't have known otherwise.

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I learned to never give up. Or Bowser will triumph!

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I learned that water conducts electricity from pokemon, though that might have been the series. Not sure, it was a long time ago.

I learned English. No, really. The basic grammar was taught to me in school (hard to teach yourself, especially at an age of eight), but I learned most of my current vocabulary by playing games in English, watching series in English (or rather Japanese with English subs to be honest :D ) and reading English books. Learning is much easier if you actually have fun doing it^^

I thought I knew a lot of words, but MH3U taught me what a plastrom is.

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I learned about historical figures and citys from civilization. Or rather Civilization has given me the motivation to research that. Same was with God of War and greece mythologie. After I finished the second God of War game I spend hours upon hours reading through Wikipedia articles and I have even bought Homer ilias and Odysee.

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wait, i didnt learn that from video games

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I've learned a shit ton of geography from Europa Universalis! I have a much better understanding of where certain European cities/provinces are located, and I have a better understanding of where other things are located in the world; like Fez and Fars. They're really far apart ^^

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I've learned about different types of weapons, some history, and a lots of geography.

Trial and error from platform games and team work for JRPGs