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$500 for a game system is...

OK. 66 13.31%
I will pay anything for Halo! 11 2.22%
I will pay anything for Sony! 59 11.90%
OK for launch, but it better come down quick! 97 19.56%
Too Much!! 263 53.02%

A recent NextBox rumor says that it will cost $500.  A number of people with Sony signatures said that will kill the new XBox.  I found that funny because I expect the PS4 to also cost $500.  $450 at the least.  But this discussion isn't really about whether these systems will cost $500.  This is about whether $500 is too much for these sytems.  So what do you think, is $500 to much?

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For me it is. For either of them.

Yes, but that doesn't mean people wont pay it.

i personally think its too much yes. i had to wait until the ps3's price droped to 350 bucks before i get it. for me 400 is MAX what i would pay for a console and i would very much prefer it to be around the 300~350 range

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Really can we NOT make everything about one fanbase against another? A number of people with pro xbox signatures have said the exact opposite too..means absolutely nothing

anywho yes I think $500 is absolutely too much. Heck I think anything over $399 is going to be a bad price point

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I will buy the Ps4 for $500, because I know what I would get from it.

I won't buy the Next Xbox for $500 or even $200, IF the rumors are true.

I cMe here to say that hardware has its price but looking at the reply possibilities in the poll makes me sa: stupid thread

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Yes it is too much especially since new consoles have a very limited number of games available.

I don't think $500 is too much. Giving inflation and the general components in these machines $500 sounds right. It isn't as expensive as people might like to complain about. The economy is improving and even during the bad times there were plenty of people dropping $500-$600 on iPads and iPhones every year to record numbers.

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500$ is already to much for most of the dedicated console audience: this and all the other websites.

It's not complicated:

Mass market price                              -> 300$
Mass market price in a recession     -> 250$

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