Forums - Nintendo Discussion - what is/has been your most played Wii U game so far?

Title says it all. Mine is Zombi U, which i have completed twice, and racked up over 40 hours total. NSMBU is hot on its heals with around 30 hours of gameplay :)

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Monster Hunter 3 with about 34 Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

BLOPS2, Xenoblade and NSMBU. AC3 got some decent play, and I've dabbled in Batman and Trine2.

Can't remember the hours but it goes like this.

Bit Runner 2


Trine 2

Nintendo Land

Batman Arkham City: AE



I think my Netflix is greater than all combined!

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I don't play a ton of console games like I use too:/ I've become more of a PC gamer. But I would say I've put the most hours into ZombiU with around 12, then maybe NintendoLand with about 10. Then Probably NSMBU with about 8.

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Nintendoland. Haven't bought anything else yet though.

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Ive played skylanders giants with my lasses son the most, then prob fifa13 then zombiu

NSMBU! Then LEGO City and in third place Monster Hunter! =)

call of duty by far. then migthy switch force

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Lego City (~50 hours so far) followed by BO2, NSMBU, Batman, Nintendo Land, and then Little Inferno (~5 hours).

Still have to finish Batman and get to MWU, AC3, and Darksiders 2 which are sitting on the shelf.  All that's on hold until I get 100% on Lego City, 14.9% to go.