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Holy fucking shit. This sect must be stopped. If it was up to them we would kill all animals on Earth (in a "humane" way, of course) and problem solved. Fucking wackos.


From one of the linked articles:


Newkirk also told the New Yorker the world would be a better place without people. She explained why she had herself sterilized: "I am opposed to having children. Having a purebred human baby is like having a purebred dog; it's nothing but vanity, human vanity."


I don't know what to say. You'd rather have a baby with a donkey instead of a "purebred human"?


Seriously, these people belong in a mental institution.

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It's all you people's fault for criticizing PETA doing nude protests. Now, they're bored so they slaughter.

oldschoolfool said:
what can you do? You can't save every animal in the world. Most shelter's do the same thing.

PETA belives that no life is better than a life in captivity, IE death is better for the animal than being a pet.


at least they don't kill whales in a game which seems to be much worse in their opinion.

okey this is horrible, we should burn their building to the ground , and put all the members i garbage bags

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LemonSlice said:
Miguel_Zorro said:

There's a lot of information here.  I'm going to be researching this and confirming facts.

I know it's hard to believe things on the Internet, especially written with phrases like "PETA death van" (lol, love it!) but it's pretty much all true. I dislike the use of strong imagery to get the point across since it's PETAs own tactics, but the pictures are legit as well. It's all done with aim to paint the nastiest picture possible, of course, but it isn't skewed.

I spent a few hours last night looking through material and it all seems legitimate.  I've always been a big animal welfare supporter, even more recently, but I haven't been a fan of PETA's tactics.  However, I didn't know they did this.  It's upsetting.

My only concern is that some of the groups behind these findings, such as the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), have a clear agenda to discredit the entire animal welfare movement, not just PETA.

So digital whales are more important to save than real cats and dogs, that sounds about right

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I thought this was common knowledge by now. Everyone should've known how hypocritical these people are. It's disgusting.

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