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CDiablo said:

Play Power Grid to keep with the theme. Love that game. I was a pretty big board gamer but I dont really like most of the gaming group I got in. Nothing beats local vs or coop gaming no matter what the format.

Yes, nothing like playing Power Grid during a blackout: 


Anyhow, I did post to remind people that if the videogames industry goes awful, there is other options to play, no matter what Orthy would want people to think.  People don't need an XBox or other console, or heck, don't need to buy a new one.

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Chinese Checkers is the shit

Also I love playing me some Vietnamese Cards (sad thing is no one knows how to play).


Funny thing is I'm white, I hang with too many Asians!

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spurgeonryan said:
My kid is gaga over Monopoly! I like Batttleship......the movie.

That movie was amazingly boring :L, other than that monopoly + blackjack are my favourite games to play, in sixth form we had massive blackjack competitions during our free periods with everyone involved, it was epic.

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I still have my MTG cards somewhere, if only I had friends to play with.

This is the best game you can play with friends sitting around a table.

The only table top games I like are the party type of games like Cranium's Whoonu and Apples to Apples. It doesn't matter who wins or loses because that's not the reason anyone is playing. Any table top game with strategy bores me to tears and always ends with me wishing it would end before I eventually lose anyway. I just can't find it in me to care who wins at Monopoly. I also have so little interest in D&D style games that I think I'd rather sit around with my friends and B.S. the night away rather than B.S. an improve adventure.

I think what I like most about games like Whoonu is that each game of it is so quick, easy, and fun that it can be played without getting bored. Most "adult" games are long, complicated, and require more devotion than I'm willing to give.

Honestly I'm surprised the board game market has any life left to it. Event he most ingenious games on store shelves can't compete with the flash and dazzle of Kinect, Movie, Wii U party games. That's what board games are about, parties. It should be more about having a laugh than winning. The niche of serious table top games will always be a niche and I wouldn't be surprised if it shrinks every generation. I know every few people that enjoy table top games. It makes sense that they form clubs because they know it's rare to find regular everyday friends willing to play something as boring as Settlers of Catan for hours and hours only to inevitably lose to those who care enough to win.

The thing is I love the idea of board games. I just have grown out of them and only enjoy the rare party ones like Cranium's Whoonu. I hope it doesn't die off as niche entertainment. I'm thinking of buying a French game called Dixit. Terrible name, but it's creative and fun and it doesn't matter who wins.

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I am a huge tabletop fan, I'd play them more than video games if I could.

By the way, is anyone going to boardgamegeek con? I went last year and its amazing.

_crazy_man_ said:

Chinese Checkers is the shit

Also I love playing me some Vietnamese Cards (sad thing is no one knows how to play).


Funny thing is I'm white, I hang with too many Asians!

Chinese Checkers?  You may want to check out the French variant with super leaping.


Also, on this note, check out my Halmette game on half a checkerboard.  It is in the Chinese Checkers family, but on half a checkerboard:


It was published in the most recent Games Magazine (May 2013 I believe).

I play Magic the Gathering and Munchkin, if they count as tabletop gaming.

Wikinger (Vikings)
Die Säulen der Erde (The Pillars of the Earth, theme based on Ken Follett's book)

are 4 of our favorites of recent years.

Die Säulen der Erde was a huge hit in Germany, but especially the brilliant, fast-paced card game Dominion became the new Settlers/Carcassone over here. It became a smash hit and an instant classic after receiving all three German Game of the Year awards in 2009. More than 1 million copies of Dominion had been sold worldwide already in 2010. Unlike most other hit games (e.g. 5 of the 7 games mentioned in this post), Dominion was not created by a German game designer but by Donald X. Vaccarino from New York (and the fact that the man got a German wikipedia entry but not an English one tells you something about popularity of board games in specific countries).

I also always wanted to play Agricola, Caylus or Puerto Rico as well, but these critically acclaimed games are too complex (or sessions take too long) to be played in the family.

Just a reminder: Not all video gaming requires an Xbox.

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