Another one bites the dust: Aliens CM Wii U not shipping anymore

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Official. Sega hates us still because of the death punch we gave the Genesis.

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Not a big loss.

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badgenome said:
Finally things are looking up for Wii U.

And he did it again!

I actually somewhat agree, it appears to be a truly shitty game.

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I agree it won't be missed but this is a bigger problem than most are inclined believe

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The campaign sucked but I hear good things about the multiplayer.
Though I could imagine that it probably would've been (near) impossible to find matches on the WiiU.

About Ghost Recon. I knew it wouldn't come out for WiiU the moment I saw it. Many many online focussed games were announced last gen and never came out. I had the same feeling about that one.
Its official status is "on hold" btw.

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Not a big deal. The game sucks. Most people hated it. Apart from from the launch day, sales just hit the botton of the hole. Maybe this is a wise decision. If it can´t sell on PS3 and XBox360, why releasing it for a platform with a (still) small install base if the game got so terrible reputation?
It won´t be missed by WiiU gamers.

A belated release of this game would have tanked on any system thanks to horrid reviews, but especially on WiiU's small (and more casual) userbase.

Really, not getting this garbage is good news for WiiU.


I've heard some people got HIV by playing that...

Praise the lord it is not coming.

It would have damaged the momentum of the platform if it released.

Not releasing it was the right thing to do.


Aliens CM Wii U is the best version because no one is able to suffer play it.