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This piece of news comes from 4players.de and it's in german:

An official statement by Sega is still pending, but after the last few days the release of Aliens Colonial Marines has been questioned on Wii U, it seems the plug was finally pulled. 
As we were told from retailer-sources, they are currently being informed that the Wii U version will no longer be released. Whether this applies only in this country or in Europe, or also affects the U.S. release, is also currently unclear - on the U.S. Amazon site, Colonial Marines for Wii U is nowhere to be found.


Even if the game is an atrocity, the Wii U keeps on not getting games, and this one's even worse as it was an already announced game.
This alongside with Rayman, were both among the strong points of Nintendo's E3 show last year, but they both turned into disasters. Most of Nintendo's E3 was smoke. No Aliens, no Rayman, where's Ghost Recon? Nintendo needs to get their act together, people will no longer trust a company with such badly handled console launches and plans. Apologies are not enough, even if it's the 3rd parties fault, it's their fault too, because they were hyping up things that never came to be and they didn't have more content in case something went wrong. Luckily I still don't own a WiiU, but I would be very pissed if I bought a console for games that were vaporware.

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Does anyone actually... care about this one anymore? It's been cancelled because it sucks lol.

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Isn't this more a good thing than a bad thing? I thought the game was universally considered to be crap?

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Finally things are looking up for Wii U.

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badgenome said:
Finally things are looking up for Wii U.


good riddance


Bye game. Won't be missed.

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Great news. Nintendo gamers won't be fooled and won't waste their money on this.

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this is one that even the dumbest person in the world would know not to bother publishing it.

Their window of opportunity went out the door to release this game. Simultaneous release would have ensured some suckers bought the game.