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Hey everyone

We are looking for some new writers to join the Gamewise team to help build out wiki pages for classic, current and upcoming games. Jobs are allocated on a jobs board which users can claim and start work. Let me know if you'd be interested.

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Sounds interesting, how do I sign up?

Micheal-5 and maybe Conegamer.

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I'm interested but need more details.


Can you give a more thorough description of what exactly someone in these positions would be doing?

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The main area of work I want to fill at the moment is to work on old franchises. So we have a jobs list with about 50 franchises on it and a reward amount attached to each one. Users sign up, claim a job and work on it.

So for example we may have

- Final Fantasy - http://gamewise.co/franchises/703/Final-Fantasy
- Tekken - http://gamewise.co/franchises/1867/Tekken
- Need for Speed - http://gamewise.co/franchises/1312/Need-for-Speed

And for each franchise, this is the guideline requirements for it to be completed and approved:

Franchise Page

  • Make sure overview is accurate and up to date.
  • Add sections for key franchise information - background, development, recurring themes, reception etc.
  • Make sure that banner and profile pic look good.
  • Games - make sure that all games within the franchise are linked.

Games Within the Franchise and other entities

  • Make sure that each game has a minimum 2 paragraph overview, profile pic and banner. Fill in basic details such as genre, developer, theme.
  • Make sure that all releases are up to date across all platforms with correct box art
  • Add sections for key game info - story, gameplay, editions / dlc, media, important items / weapons / power ups / tracks / levels (depending on the game type)
  • Add all major characters to the game - ensure each character has a profile pic and overview - who they are, what is the major game (s) they appear in and their general purpose and personality.
  • Add all main credits to the game (grouped by type) - ensure as many as possible have a profile pic and overview.


Obviously some franchises have 2-3 games others have 30+ and the reward scales will reflect this.

Why cant I add banners and profile pics to games? Am I missing some plug in on my laptop?

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>_> I just realized I forgot about this between losing power and internet for about a month from super storms (3 weeks from Sandy, 1 from super snow storm) and school. Well I guess this is a good time as ever to start doing my Admin work over on Gamewise again with my school work slowing down.

Former something....

Yes Blacksaber. We have been waiting for new banners. Mr. Banner king.

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