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They really lay into this thing. I called it from the start  



For $99, everyone who backed Ouya's Kickstarter has unwittingly signed up to beta-test a game console. Alpha-test, even: this is a product with some good ideas and a potentially promising future, but it's a million miles away from something worth spending your money on. Even if the concept is right, the Ouya misses the mark. The controller needs work, the interface is a mess, and have I mentioned there's really nothing to do with the thing? I'm not even sure the concept is right, either: there are plenty of fun Android games, but currently few that work well with a controller and even fewer that look good on your television.

Let's say everything goes exactly right for Ouya. Every good game in the Play Store becomes available to Ouya, Netflix and Amazon decide to play nice with the device, and the ROM and hacker community explode and make every app and many more available to the nascent platform. Then and only then, Ouya can be viable — if it can combine a decent set-top box with a decent gaming platform, it may have a case to make for your $99. But those are a lot of cards that have to fall a particular way, and without them the Ouya is a lot more like a Raspberry Pi than an Xbox 360.

To its credit, the company says loudly and often that this is only the beginning of a long road for Ouya — and I'll be watching its progress with interest. But the device is currently being sold as a product, not a prototype, and that's just wrong. Ouya isn't a viable gaming platform, or a good console, or even a nice TV interface. I don't know what it is, but until Ouya figures it out, it's not worth $99.

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Shocking... It sounded rubbish from the concept tbh. Gamers who backed this are crazy

I never understood the whole android gaming on your TV notion. After that review, I really still don't.

It's still better than PS3 bought for $599 in 2006.


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I'm kinda interested in the Ouya... but do I really need another machine to play crappy mobile games?

No rush to try this thing.


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Piernik said:
It's still better than PS3 bought for $599 in 2006.

Exactly how? The PS3 at least came with some games, had a decent line up for the coming months, was able to play Blu Ray, offered online play and it was basically a known quantity of what it could be. Also, had Linux at the time and PS2 BC.

I'm not really getting the Ouya concept. Most of the Android games I've played have been rubbish or mildly interesting to play on the toilet. Can't exactly see as something I'd boot up in my living room to play on my tv.

I never understood why anyone thought this thing looked even remotely cool to begin with.

Piernik said:
It's still better than PS3 bought for $599 in 2006.

No. Just no.

PS3 for 599 was a much better deal. At least you got a Blu-Ray player and - although not many - a few good games.


My friends who won an Ouya game jam comp aren't even interested in actually releasing their game!


Not even PSOne level that thing.

EDIT: Just saw the specs for the first time. Don't look that bad - but the dev-dudes said it was struggling to run a top down shooter properly. Hmmmm.

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Definitely sounds as though its still in the prototype stage,

Engadget's review mentions buttons getting stuck under the magnetic swappable plates on the remote,

Not something you want when playing a quick paced game