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I think the title is self explanatory vgchartz. What do you do when you've consumed to omany red tacoes?

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Out of curiosity, is it an issue for you after consuming too much?

I'll will answer after.


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Too much is a VERY debaatable word, one might say. By consumed, I'm assuming you are talking the fruit punches that I've drank tonight.

"red tacos"
Are you talking about those Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell?

Well regardless, if I eat too much of anything I usually sit in painful regret and digest as motionless as possible until I feel like moving won't feel bad anymore. It doesn't happen much.

No, no I'm not talking about doritos locos tacos. But I loved your story.

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What are "red tacos"? What are "tacos" to begin with?

Well you see, red tacos are a crazy varient of malibu that actually incorporates tequila, which makes her clothes fall off.

OMG, he adds water to his maple syrups.

Is ther seriously nobody else on vgchartz when it is 5 o'clock somewhere?

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ghost_of_fazz said:
What are "red tacos"? What are "tacos" to begin with?

a) I thinnk you know what tacos are. They are a marvelous tasting food that satisfies most people's hunger.

b) I also think you know what the color red is. It is a fabulous color, unfortunately it also is the color of blood, whichis a symbol for death.

c) I think you clearly know that red tacoclearly c0ombines to mean red malibu.