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3rd gen: Nintendo Entertainment System
4th gen: Sega Genesis -> Handheld: Gameboy
5th gen: PlayStation -> Handheld: GBC
6th gen: PlayStation 2 -> Handheld: GBA
7th gen: PlayStation 3 -> Handheld: DS
8th gen: PS4 probably -> Handheld: PS Vita

My only secondaries were the Nintendo 64 and Xbox

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(


Sega Megadrive/Genesis

Gameboy Colour

Playstation 2
Gameboy Advance

Playstation 3
Playstation Portable

Playstation 4 (?)

i don't "Main" a Console i buy whatever i want to play assuming i can afford it.

the concept of "Maining" a console just seems stupid to me

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PS One


Consoles on left hand side show preference.
N64/ PC
PC/Xbox 360
Next gen: Probably PC/Nextbox (ill probably get it for its multimedia features more than for gaming)

I mostly play RTS and Moba style games now adays as well as ALOT of benchmarking. I do play other games however such as the witcher 3 and Crysis 3, and recently Ashes of the Singularity. I love gaming on the cutting edge and refuse to accept any compromises. Proud member of the Glorious PC Gaming Master Race. Long Live SHIO!!!! 

OdinHades said:
Kaizar said:
KhinRunite said:
- Family Computer (NES)
- SNES (didn't own one, but I'd always rent it)
- PS1
- PS2
- PC

I plan to buy a PS3 once "Beyond 2 Souls" and "The Last of Us" are out...and if they're THAT good.

You do know that the 3DS has much more crisper looking graphics then PC? (thanks to the 3D effect)

You can't be serious. 

The Nintendo 3DS with the 3D ON has much more crisper "Looking" graphics then HD graphics, Literally.


Which of the Top 15 Movies of Summer 2013 do you like most?


I like the underdog movie; R.I.P.D.


'Previous gen': Game & watch
3rd gen: NASA while its games were playable on NES, then NES
- portable: Game gear
- top games: Double Dragon II, SMB3, Sonic...
4th gen: SNES
- portable: Game boy color
- top games: Secret of evermore, Illusion of Time/Gaia, Mario kart...
5th gen: N64
- top games: SM64, Mario Kart, Castlevania 64,
6 gen: Gamecube
- portable: GBA&SP,
- top games: FE Path of Radiance (absolute best game ever), Zelda Wind waker, Mario party...
7 gen: Wii
- portable: NDS&lite
- top games: FE Radiant Dawn (absolute best game ever), Mario kart, Splinter Cell double agent, Hotel dusk, Ace attorney series...
8 gen: Wii U
- portable: 3DS
- Top games until now: Zombie U, FE shadow dragon (not played before on NES), MKart, Ghost recon 3DS,

my TOP 5 consoles:
1. NES
3. Game cube
4. N64
5. Wii

3DS friendcode: 2836 - 0151 - 1371

Kemsus said:
i don't "Main" a Console i buy whatever i want to play assuming i can afford it.

the concept of "Maining" a console just seems stupid to me

Ur saying in any given generation there wasnt a console u spent more time playing than others? Because thats all this thread is about, for example if during the 6th gen u owned a ps2 and xbox but u owned over 20 ps2 games and only 5 xbox games then ps2 would be your prinary console that gen.

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