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Lets guess what games we'll see trailers for when the next Xbox is revealed!

Call of Duty (2013)

A Halo game

Forza 5

Kinect games like Dance Central and Kinect Sports.

Left 4 Dead 3 (wishful thinking)

I imagine there will be atleast 2 or 3 new IPs...

What do you guys think!


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Not COD or Halo that's for e3 but everything else seems legit

A new Sonic?

left for dead won't, you won't see valve support for the PS4/720

battlefield 4
need for speed
few kinect games
call of duty

New reveals will probably be

Forza 5

Halo spinoff or remake

Next gen CoD

2 new kinect ips

2 new "core" ips

maybe a couple of XBLA games.

Games that have already been revealed for different platforms that will probably be shown

battlefield 4

diablo 3

assassin's creed pirates


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antfromtashkent said:
Not COD or Halo that's for e3 but everything else seems legit

what everything else? Kinect games? LMAO... I don't mean to troll, but that made me laugh.

With all those new studios, I expect a lot of new IP's.

Old IP's:

Forza 5

Halo Spinoff

Killer Instinct

Alan Wake 2

Call of Duty 78

Kinect games


Perhaps someting Gears-likee and hopefully another PGR!
Most importantly to me some type of backwards compatibiliy or I won't enter nextgen.

Deyon said:

Alan Wake 2

It doesn't sound like an online game.

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DigitalDevilSummoner said:
Deyon said:

Alan Wake 2

It doesn't sound like an online game.

oh ho snap

The next GTA will be set in vegas 31/10/11