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Zombies FTW!
Honorable mentions go out to Sonic 3, Bubsy, nba jam and streets of rage 3.



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I pretty much just played Micro Machines on my MegaDrive, with a little PGA tour golf thrown in.

I hearted my megadrive.

Sonics, Streets of Rage, Speedball 2 and Shining Force

and probably loads i've forgotten.

i never played genesis but my mate loves it, dreamcast too. be awesome if genesis ever made it to virtual console.



DSLover said:
i never played genesis but my mate loves it, dreamcast too. be awesome if genesis ever made it to virtual console.

 Aehm Genesis/MegaDrive is on Virtual Console ( Did you mean Dreamcast ? )

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I had a Genesis, and I wish it would have been an SNES. Don't get me wrong, I had a lot of fun with it, but the SNES was simply better.

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The Mega Drive had some great games, but most of them were exclusive. Multi platform games usually sucked on it. IMO it is a under rated system.

To the game database, Robin.

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The Genesis deserves it's props. I had many hours of fun playing mine from 1993-1997.

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Entroper said:
The SNES was just where it was at in the 16-bit generation. Sonic was great, and I played plenty of it at my friend's house (and I now have the Mega Collection -- thanks Sega!), but the SNES had tons of great exclusives and better versions of multiplatform games.

The SNES was definitely a better piece of hardware (it should be, it wasn't released until 2 years after the Megadrive) but that didn't change the fact that Nintendo kids would get atomic wedgies from the Sega kids in the playground. Nintendo was (and probably still is) considered the geeks choice, while Sega was considered cool. That changed a bit when Street Fighter 2 was released exclusively on the SNES. Sega kids had to stop beating on the Nintendo kids so they would be allowed round their house to play SF2 (the beatings started again when a version of SF2 finally came out on the Megadrive).

Streets of Rage, Micro Machine & Golden Axe are some of my personal favourites from that era and until Tekken came along, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 was easily the best fighter available, as it had the most advanced combo system (not to mention the Fatalities, Animalities and Babalities). I can't believe there are so many people that prefer MK2, although I guess that is just a case of nostalgia dictating opinion.