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Recently I've been talking about retro Sega exclusives. Stuff like Panzer Dragoon, Lunar, Shining Force and Skies of Arcadia. I started playing Lunar, an originally Sega CD/Saturn franchise, and I'm loving it. Now I'm starting to appreciate Sega exclusives (specifically RPG's) a lot more.

I also respect Sega a lot now because several of their best games, are actually the best among the best. Soul Calibur, a Dreamcast exclusive fighter, is often regarded the best fighter. Shining Force was developed by Camalot, the makers of Golden Sun (my favorite RPG series, and favorite handheld game). Plus people who have played Panzer Dragoon Saga and Skies of Arcadia often put it at the top of their favorite games list. Plus newer games like Valkyria Chronicles are hailed as not only one of the best console JRPG's this gen, it's one of PS3's best exclusives. They also were the first to publish Platinum Studio's games, and their games, while selling poorly, are repeatedly getting scores in the 9/10 range (Vanquish, Bayonetta, MGR, etc)

So now I'm begining to understand why some people like Sega over Nintendo and Sony. My question is, what do you guys play now? Now that the Sega has stopped making consoles, these Sega like games are appearing everywhere. XB1 got a Panzer Dragoon exclusive, Soul Calibur went multi-platform, Shining Force devs started making Golden Sun and Mario Golf, and I'm not sure what happened to the guys behind Lunar.

P.S. Can you recommend me some good Sega titles? I'm big on JRPG's and I'm pretty sure I got everything good on Saturn/Genesis/CD/Dreamcast covered, but just in case.

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Shining Wisdom on the Saturn - Pretty Much Zelda, But not quite as good. Though its still a great game

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All the ones in read were/are my favourite.

YEah, Soul Calibur is Namco. Dont know how you screwed that up.

But to answer your question. Not much. I still need to get the Sonic all stars game. But i do play Sonic Generations which is good. I downloaded the fighting vipers game weeks back, which is good cause i missed out on Saturn.

Dragon Force for saturn. One of working designs best. If you track down a copy then you have a real gem.

Btw. Most games that have the sega logo today are usually bad. The sega fan in me weeps a little each time I play a bad sega game, because back in the day it stood for excellence.

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Burning rangers for saturn is another classic.

PC/Nintendo combo all the way.


80s_gamer said:
Shining Wisdom on the Saturn - Pretty Much Zelda, But not quite as good. Though its still a great game

Beyond Oasis for genesis- Pretty much Zelda but better. (At least better than the zelda games of its day)

I enjoyed Yakuza 3 and 4 (I rarely ever see anyone mention this series on gaming sites) and the Valkyria Chronicles series this past generation. I miss when Sega was a major force in gaming.

I just play PS3 now.. and iOS games. But I did spend some solid time on Valkyria Chronicles.