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Should Military FPS ditch Single Player Campaigns?

Yes, just spare me the mi... 17 24.64%
No, I like to blow things... 36 52.17%
Yo Mama. 16 23.19%

So we have all played FPS/TPS military shooters. Big name examples: Call Of Duty, Battlefield, etc.

These games have ridiculous single player campains which last between 4-6 hours on an average difficulty and the story, most of the time is a bunch of military jibber jabber with the same plot points repeated over and over again. There is nothing new or refreshing about these storylines and worse of all, many times they don't even make any sense. The characters are so one dimensional and cliche, it's not event funny. The only reason you would even play these game modes are for the setpieces where things blow up or some Micheal Bay scene ensues, which again have been completely done to death.

But above all, no one plays these types of games for their single player experiences, but rather for their multiplayer offerings. Many people won't even boot up the SP and go straight to online multiplayer. Besides MP, Co-op seems to be another growing avenue for these games such as Treyarch's innovative zombies mode in Call Of Duty which is very popular.

So this begs the question: Why even bother making Single Player? Why waste so much development time on a mode that is completely throwaway, has little to no replay value and most people don't even care about? How about just spend that extra time BALANCING and expanding on the multiplayer even more? Or maybe make some new co-op game modes where the emphasis is on playing with others? Or perhaps, and this one may be a bit out there, how about sparing us the single player and charging us a bit less for the game?


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I personally enjoy the single player campaigns. They have nice set pieces and the stories are ok. It is a good training ground to try out all the weapons and various features before hoping into multiplayer.

honestly those single player games should go to hell they have bad story's with no character and honestly i hate set pieces they make me feel like i am watching a movie then playing a game

I actually like military singleplayers. I mean Spec Ops was great for example. A lot of story there.

I enjoy most of the COD single player campaigns. Yes the plots are stupid, no worse than your average action movie anyways, but they're enjoyable.

I'll generally don't start the multiplayer until the campaign done anyway. For me its SP then onto the MP.

I don't think I would buy a multiplayer only FPS, sometimes its nice to play by yourself.

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The best FPS that I ever played was 1.) free and 2.) MP only. The fact that it had over 10000000 unique user ID's kinda proved that to be successful you don't really need a SP campaign. I'm talking about Americas Army.

On that note, i enjoyed COD's SP campaign's but couldn't get into MP, while at same time I haven't finished a single Battlefield campaign but spent several hundreds of hours in MP. I would gladly buy just an MP version of BF.

The single-player experience is often quite different from the multiplayer experience, and I happen to dislike the multiplayer part where it's terribly obvious it's just a game. There's no immersion in multiplayer, which is why I like single-player. Unless there's immersion in multiplayer, I can't see myself not wanting to see a single-player mode.

I like the single players experiences when I play these games, halo and gears included since they fit the same template, they just offer stronger single player experiences. I don't buy any of these games. They're enjoyable enough, and let you get the hang of things while not getting owned (even if the single players quite different).

I doubt budget's what holding back games like CoD or Battlefield, if they wanted to add features they could while including the single player. They just don't. 

I honestly dont care. I dont buy them anyways, but from those i know that do, they dont even bother with the single player.

*huge recital in favor for Spec Ops: the line*

And concluding, Spec Ops: the line Singleplayer was freking awesome


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