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So, the Wii U actually got some content last week and — surprise! — as a result, people bought some Wii Us.

NA saw Lego City, Monster Hunter, and Need For Speed. Wii U hardware sales are up almost 200% over last week!

EU got Monster Hunter and Need For Speed. Wii U sales up 120%!

Japan saw, well, nothing actually. But Wii U sales still up 20% for whatever reason.

Granted, the sales have gone from life support to merely anemic, but I still see this as a vindication for the many, many people who said that the Wii U's biggest problem is a lack of content. There's still no killer app, no Wii Sports, but from here on, things can only get better, right?

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There are some games on the way in the future. I don't know when WiiFitU hits, I expect this to be the title with the biggest impact for the near future.

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Dragon Quest X and Game & Wario came out just a few days ago in Japan...
It will be interesting to see what happens...

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That's nice, but i'm more in the camp that the price promotion in the US (best buy and target) and Europe (more specific UK which was well documented) and the holiday buying in Japan was the cause of the console rise, not 2nd and 3rd rate tier games.

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Game & Wario didn't sell too hot apparently in Japan. I think the mini-game fad is really dying. Wii Fit U is going to be the next disappointment.

Not surprising at all, yet it needs to be said on this forum. I'm still shocked by the size the "Software won't push Hardware" thread got, although I didn't even waste a single second on it. How many posts did actually support the premise of the thread?

under 60k isnt anemic. thats still terrible as well as you are over looking the price cuts and the following sales drop

Things should head upward now. Wii U needed games, in particular exclusive games or multiplat games that launched on the same day as other platforms.

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