Xbox720 and PS4 are the SAME console.

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Many of us have wondered why, despite the fact that Sony has already announced to the world his next console, Microsoft has remained absolutely buttoned on its future strategies. At the same time, Sony fans are wondering why the Japanese has not yet shown the appearance of the new console. In recent days, we received answers to these questions from a Microsoft employee who, completely confidential, revealed a real major news.

So far we have talked about the next-generation console, but apparently will have to get used to talk about " the " next-gen console. Yeah, because according to our informant there will be no PS4 and Xbox720 to battle it out on the market. Microsoft and Sony have entered into an agreement, which will be made known only at E3, to collaborate on the creation of a single console that will be just called PS4. The Xbox brand will be dropped in favor of the more popular PlayStation brand name, on which both companies will begin to collaborate.

According to this agreement, Sony will take care of making the console hardware, while Microsoft will take care of the online service (PSNLive) and the Kinect 2. Business level, the two companies will split the profits from sales of hardware, accessories, online subscriptions and royalties on the games.

The new console will get every exclusive game from Sony and Microsoft: You will play them on one platform. IP's such as Halo, Killzone, Gears of War, Uncharted and so on. Our tipster informs us also that there is a project that's being worked on by Sony/Microsoft called " PlayStation Shooter All Stars", an online FPS created jointly by 343 Industries and Guerrilla in which we will be able to impersonate characters from the most popular shooters of the two houses