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Me? Crazy PS4/Next Box rumors.  Reboots of old franchises.  Exclusive games no longer being exclusive.

Either way.....

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Next gen systems confirmed for $299 or less.

Steambox announcements.

Apple/Samsung console announced.

MS announcement meeting dates.

PS4 $599.

KH3/Shenmue 3/J&D 4/Jade Empire 2/Mirror's Edge 2/FF7HD announcement.

FFV13/Agent/Last Guardian release dates.

16gb of RAM for Nextbox.

MGS5 and others exclusive for PS4.

LoU delayed.

PS4 delayed.

Sony bankrupt.

Halo 5-9 launching with Nextbox.

Worldwide Vita pricecut.

Vita discontinued.

DS discontinued.

Willem Dafoe kills David Cage while making Beyond after yelling out "THERE WAS A FIREFIGHT!!!" and shooting a gun in random directions.

I think I got em all.

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Hopefully some good porn

I hate Aprils fools with a passion. Every fucking site I read I have to be on my toes or get a slight scare and think "ah it's April's fools".

That's why I stay away from the internet for around a week after april 1st.

I'm off to play some PS3 and Diablo II Single Player. :)

Crushed hopes and dreams.

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I just avoid gaming sites at this day =D

My grammar errors are justified by the fact that I am a brazilian living in Brazil. I am also very stupid.

This is a terrible day for all those who just want to relax and look for news on the Internet. Hopefully some of them will be worth my time.


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BaldrSkies said:

I coughed up a bit o blood.

Cause I know the reference.

NNID: crazy_man

3DS FC: 3969 4633 0700 

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