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Sony fanboys are the worst.


-Mr Khan

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o187em said:

Sony fanboys are the worst.

Was this necessary? All fanboys are bad, regardless of what camp they support

Being loyal shouldn't get you shit. If a person wants to only buy from one company and no others thats their choice.

It rather isn't that bad if you are limited by some factor that prevents you from buying too many games. In my case, time keeps me constrained, especially now that i've got a job. One game (or less) a month is usually about what i need, so its easy to stick with only Nintendo platforms

Which isn't to say i'm automatically prejudiced against non-Nintendo games. Check the signature (and this game will likely end up being the one that gets the most playtime this year, though Pokemon could give it a run for its money, just showing what an awesome year its going to be)

Monster Hunter: pissing me off since 2010.

There are different levels of fanboyness. I'd consider myself a Nintendo fanboy, but that doesn't mean I didn't enjoy Bioshock Infinite.

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mii-gamer said:
o187em said:

Sony fanboys are the worst.

Was this necessary? All fanboys are bad, regardless of what camp they support

Was that necessary? All fanboys are not bad. People just try to push them as some type of cult follower. (Well, some are. But surely not all.)

Carl is a Piplup hater and deserves to be punished eternally.

You don't know what you're missing. It's awesome being a fanboy. Especially since I'm not missing out on much.


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Play what's fun and you're good.

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I can't help but read that headline like the line from a country and western song:

It must suck to be a fanboy
It must suck to be a fool
It must suck to be a fanboy
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The PS5 Exists. 

Im not a fanboy
Im a gamer and honest to myself > I want the best possible quality for my money on the best available system that can achieve the best possible graphics and quality.

I can't have everything on PC but if i could i get it there.They push for max settings with the best possible quality they can achieve/afford.
But if my games on my console of choice don't get the investment they deserve from developers and maybe even change the direction and style for an other community i get angry.
If i see on one side an Uncharted 3,THe Last of Us,God of War and games that destroy everything else in performance and graphical quality on consoles and then see a beloved franchise having problems on my console of choice and change its style completely i get angry.Cause there is ONLY ONE logical reason for not being on the level of the above listed games and that is not going all out and lowering MY experience even if it would be POSSIBLE to achieve that with ease.
The Style of those games would remained AWESOME and the Quality would at least be double as good if they would focus on the console that can achieve Uncharted 3 and stuff.

I want for myself the best experience possible.I can't get it on PC where i can chose how much money i invest in hardware?Fine!
Then i want my games as good as possible on the strongest console hardware!
I don't care for others - They can buy that console too.Not my fault.

If i want to play Zelda (and i want to play Zelda badly) i get a WiiU.Its worth my money and i buy it for that.
But if i don't get what i payed for cause some others think throwing money around to lower MY Experience is fun it is NOT fine.