I had a Playstation 3 for 16 hours.

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Should've at least tried retail games 10 16.67%
I agree with you; i had the same experience 7 11.67%
You seriously downloaded ... 0 0.00%
TROLL 2 3.33%
When you get a PS3 again,... 6 10.00%
My download speed is greater than yours 1 1.67%
What a spoiled and rotten kid you are. 6 10.00%
First world problems 2 3.33%
*FACEPALM* 17 28.33%

Note: I've been meaning to write this story for a while, I was just too lazy and busy to get to it. But now, here it is:

It was December 11th, 2012. I really wanted to get a Wii U, for it was brand new and I was a big fan of Nintendo. I had a Wii for most of the last generation, and played it a lot until the Xbox 360. I was blown away by the cool games and the gamepad, and I was ready to hand in 300 bucks for the Wii U at Best Buy. Everything was going swell, and I would've probably kept the Wii U, until I laid my eyes on a 250 GB Playstation 3, bundled with 1 year of Playstation Plus. I looked at the box, admired it, and then I made a decision. Maybe it was finally time to come back to Sony, after my Playstation 2 stopped working back in 2008. I told my dad that I changed my mind and that I DEFINITELY wanted this thing, and explained to him all the cool features that was said on the box. A collection of free games, better graphics, it was all too good. After I took it home, I immediately plugged in all the components, reliving the moments of when I first got my Playstation 2, how excited I was that I tore everything out of the box. When turning it on, I realized it wasn't in HD. "No problem," I thought. I'll just buy the cables. I went through the installation process, set up my account, activated Playstation Plus, and then I was all set. The dashboard was noticably a bit unorganized compared to the Xbox 360's one.

The first thing I did was go to the Playstation Store. I downloaded Quantum Conundrum, which was free, and I didn't really like it, so I deleted it and moved on. A few minutes later, I downloaded a Battlefield 3 One hour Trial, and waited. It was 12 GB or so, and so I waited. And waited. After an hour, it was like at 99%. I was happy and was ready to play, after waiting a long time. After going to 100%.......It restarted. I was so confused. I thought that was it. I put my controller back down, the excitement draining down inside of me. After going to 100 percent again, and I was already a bit mad that I waited this much already, two loading bars popped on my screen, downloading at individual speeds. That was it. I already spent so much time setting up and waiting, and I was expecting to be playing BF3 tonight, but I guess not. I told my dad this, and he suggested we return the machine and buy something else. Best Buy had closed it's doors by then, since it was like 12 'o' clock so I would have to return it tomorrow. I left my PS3 on overnight and slept. When I awoke, I went over to my Playstation 3 to see if it had finished downloading. Oh boy. Battlefield 3 was still downloading, and I was speechless. How much hours had it been downloading? 10 HOURS? And it's still not done? I, at least, was done by then, and so I unplugged everything, and put it back in the box. So disappointed was I. I re-plugged my Xbox 360, and just ignored that piece of plastic in a box that was sitting next to me while I was gaming away with friends online. Later in the day, I went to Best Buy, got my money back, and bought a Turtle Beach Headset with Halo 4. 8 PM - 11 PM. 16 hours. After all these months, I blame my lousy internet connection.

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ohh boy, battlefield 3 is the worst game to start with, since you obviously had to download the game, the updates for the software and then the game updates, which are literally GB's! you should have bought uncharted and blasted in the awesomness of it. honestly setting up a ps3 doesnt take that much

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Sad to see a ps3 didnt wok out for you. I do have to say that a 10 hour download of a 12 GB game sounds very strange. The only time I have noticed my download slowing down is when I am playing games.

It would've been faster buying a modern PC, setting it up and then installing Steam to play some games on it than going through this whole process you just described.

Yeah the load times are ridiculous on the PS3. It is beyond annoying. I actually avoid plugging my PS3 into the internet most of the time because of the hours and hours of wait time just to play a game. Good thing I mostly play storyline games on my PS3. Anyways it still does have good games regardless of it's OS issues and it's updating and download times.  You should of started out with MGS4 or Uncharted.

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Buy retail games...

Who in his right mind start playing with a Playstation 3 choosing Battlefield? I can't understand why didn't you like Quantum Connundrum :(

You should have tried Metal Gear Solid 4 instead, but I can understand the game was not on the store.

I feel sorry for your dad. Getting him to buy a PS3 and then having it return it after 16 hours.

You also sound really spoiled and whiny. I also don't see why you would buy a PS3 if you already had a 360. Play Battlefield 3 on top of that.

Why don't check if it was a connection issue before return the console? I mean... well nevermind, don't regret it. :)

Well, damn. Now that you've said that, I can't enjoy my PS3 at all.