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Apparently it has been confirmed that many of Nintendo 1st party content will not be coming to the PS4. This has been confirmed by Nintendo who at the recent GDC made no mention of bringing its well established IPs to the PS4. Of course this came as shock to many gamers around the world who thought that Sony made good efforts  to get these games, they invested in their own motion control tech just like the wii had, and when that did not help they even made a touch screen controller and still Nintendo would not bring their games to Sony's console.

Of course the internet was set ablaze with gamers who were looking forward to playing these games on the ps4 with comments like:


"That's a deep blow for Sony" and

"Sony brought this on themselves".

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cyberninja45 said:

Of course this came as shock to many gamers around the world who thought that Sony made good efforts  to get these games,

You are getting this wrong, it isn't Sony who is making efforts for Nintendo to go third party, it is Nintendo itself whos making the efforts with the WiiU.

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That makes four Sony home consoles in a row that have been missing out on the games from the best video game developer. You would think Sony would have learned from their mistake with the Vita and try harder to get Nintendo games on their system, but no...

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Nintendo just keep slipping more and more. Why can't they just give it up already and let the gaming gods (Sony and Microsoft) take all of their horrible problems away? They really do never learn...


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Funny thread. Now make one about SEGA.

Funny thread! Now make one about the ouya.


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RazorDragon said:
Funny thread. Now make one about SEGA.

Don't.. just don't T_T

I still love you Sega.. *pets his Megadrive and Dreamcast*

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lot's of desperation tonight..


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