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The WiiU is the ONLY strategy


My friends, it has been a while since I had rays of light come to me, and that's mostly due to forum contamination from trolls (sadly). 


Well, I am shamelessly ripping an analysis from my friend JWeinComm, here it is:

Suppose Nintendo had beefed up their specs to the point of the X-Box 720 and PS4.  How much do you suppose that would cost them?  Let's say... 70 dollars.  Would that be a fair estimate?  First parties make about 7 dollars per third party game sold.  So, Nintendo would have to sell 10 third party games to make up the added cost.  The attach rate for a system is, on average, about 10.  So... the odds of Nintendo winning out on this would be slim.  Of course this is an oversimplification as other factors come into play, but financially a more powerful system would not likely work.


The other option would be eliminating the tablet and using that money to beef up specs.  If they did that, we'd have a Wii U that would be an X-Box 720/PS4 but with the added benefit of Nintendo first party software.  THIS would be the equivalent of a Gamecube, and that strategy would work out poorly.  If Nintendo aimed at the same market as Microsoft and Sony do, they'd lose.  Unless Nintendo radically changed their development strategy and alienated their fanbase AND did a 180 in terms of marketing, they'd struggle very mightily to tear Call of Duty fans away from their console of choice.

So, Nintendo did what they do.  They focussed on new control gimmicks (gimmick as in: an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal) and kept their marketing broad rather than trying to zero in on the particular sect of 16-34 year old male gamers that their rivals appeal to. The strategy hasn't panned out perfectly so far, but I suspect that once Nintendo rolls out some software that better uses the Gamepad, things will turn around.  It is a very cool idea that Nintendo has done a poor job at marketing (why Nintendo chose to put Rayman Legends in their demo units instead of NIntendo Land stuff is beyond me).

As for how to appeal to that "hardcore" demographic, we've seen Nintendo's strategy with Bayonetta 2.  Nintendo's idea is to use their money to fund software instead of beef up hardware.   Is Bayonetta 2 going to make a gamers choose a Wii U over a PS4?  Nope.  But, it will go a long way towards making the Wii U worthwhile as a secondary console.  I suspect we're going to see a lot more of Nintendo acting as a publisher as time goes on.


TL:DR version-  Appealing to the "hardcore" demographic is not as simple as shoving more RAM into a box.  Making a system that would compete with PS4/720 on the hardcore front would be a losing strategy.  Nintendo's current strategy has not paid off just yet, but its chances of success are far greater than the suicidal approach people seem to be advocating.


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JWeinComm is pretty freaking smart.

I agree that Nintendo will start acting more as a publisher, but I still think they should expand their first party offerings.

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I agree. Jweincm is a wise User. Same thing happened with the Wii when they realized the GC was not able to keep up and neither were they. N64 was the last time people would look at them as having a powerful console.

spurgeonryan said:
I agree. Jweincm is a wise User. Same thing happened with the Wii when they realized the GC was not able to keep up and neither were they. N64 was the last time people would look at them as having a powerful console.

The Gamecube was graphically more capable than the PS2. But I suspect since it had a kiddy image no one really cared, so your point also is valid.

I agree with the OP, though. "2nd"-party could be the way to go for Nintendo this generation. Funding the development and making sure certain quality standards are fullfilled is a great way to gather high-quality games on your console :D

i still feel it would have been better without gamepad.

console & wireless controller pro & WiiU branded wiimote/nunchuck for 199 possibly with a wii sports 2 bundled in, would also work out better with current family owners by calling it WiiHD

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The gamepad makes the Wi U skueek! Have you used it yet? Without the pad you have miiverse and 360 graphics.

What people seem to forget is that this is a business, and the ultimate objective is to make money profit, not revenue. I'd love a system that was as powerful as a top flight gaming PC with Nintendo software support as well, but that would lead to financial ruin.

I personally think that investing in exclusives (like Bayonetta 2) will have more influence on sales than being to run a pixel perfect conversion of PS4 games. I think this is the strategy Nintendo is taking (already funding Lego City and Fire Emblem x Shin Megami), and if it is, it's a sound one. I do wish they'd have invested in a bit more RAM though.

Anyway, I think Nintendo's biggest problem is simply marketing the gamepad. It does a lot of cool things that I think lots of people will benefit from. Hopefully, Super Mario Galaxy U, Wii Party U, Wii Fit U, Zelda U, etc will make good use of that stuff.

The problem I see is Nintendo making the gamepad worthwhile. Firstly, I can't even imagine any person using the Gamepad for any substantial period of time due to the sheer size of the thing. And secondly, I can't imagine any impressive gameplay advantages that the Gamepad can provide, aside from menus or something like that. For those reasons I think the Gamepad is a huge mistake on Nintendo's front. One things for sure, the Gamepad will never be as appealing as motion controls were. So I think a more powerful Wii with a stronger emphasis on motion controls would be a much better strategy.

The Wii U, just like the Wii make perfect sense from a marketing point of view. The people who yank on it have no clue about what good marketing is.

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spurgeonryan said:
The gamepad makes the Wi U skueek! Have you used it yet? Without the pad you have miiverse and 360 graphics.

just swopped over to the wiiU browser from the ps3 one as its now ten times easier to type.

as things are if the gamepad had been ditched, certain elements could have been improved spec wise on console. it never would have had to be most powerfull but just good enough to make games look excellent. i dont think a more powerfull console within same spec circle auto-makes it a better console as games are key.

they could have sold it at a respectable price point and gained a hefty start against upcoming competitor consoles.

as it stands il be keeping this Wiiu, but think it would have been a better purchase with the changes i listed above, with no gamepad and bundling normal controller plus remote/nunchucks instead.

any second screen usage mabey an app could have been made for smartphones or tablets