Forums - Gaming Discussion - Quick! Stop with the Nintendo hate on these forums! People are leaving and requesting bans because of them

No more "UE4 is not on the Wii U", " Wii U is failing", Wii could have been so much more", Vita beat the 3DS this week, haha ", etc.


Nintendo gamers are not as strong as Sony and Microsoft gamers are. Remember! Just a few years ago we ruled the world. We are still getting used to all of this. Gen during the GC days we still had a successful handheld to brag about.


So ease up everyone. Lets just talk about other things besides the Wii U, 3DS in Europe, and the death of good Mario, DS, and the Wii.

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For privacy issues I cannot give up usernames of those who are mad or leaving. I am American an will not break our own laws.

Seems like you've been making most of the Nintendoom threads around here lately, mister.

U.S laws are meaningless on this site. It's UK based. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)


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badgenome said:
Seems like you've been making most of the Nintendoom threads around here lately, mister.

And I will stop for now. Someday we must all discuss all these problems though. They will not go away. Seems the site is not ready for discussion yet. Too soon. I understand and will wait.

don't worry, not long and microsoft will reveal the nextbox, then it will be "microsoft is so doomed" with some threads per day and nintendo fans will get a break

Tse, those guys are pussies. On German forums Nintendo fans were (and of course still are) the minority and belittled during the entire 7th generation, what are a few "tough" weeks (months) here on VGChartz?

Since when did reporting the news and fact in gaming considered wrong/trolling/hate? Just cuz it doesn't call as "good" in some people's eyes its still just news, facts, questions, about gaming... I don't see the problem... Why so sinsitive..?

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No..........more......Nintendo...threads....head....cannot...function......*hangs himself*

Seriously STOOOOOOP!!