Forums - Gaming Discussion - As a Nintendo gamer do you find it hard not to hate and want other companies to fail?

Recently I have been redboxing a lot of 360 games. Bioshock Infinite, Tomb Raider, Dishonord, Crysis 3, etc. I have really enjoying d myself playing these games. Especially Tomb Raider. But I still have this feeling of hate for Sony and Microsoft.


It all started with Sony making my N64 time less epic as they stole the show back then. It continued as people dismissed the GC for the PS2. Then after Wii gave Nintendo its honor back Microsoft came along and broke that party up again by releasing the almighty Kinect.


Anyone else feel that way? By the way... I have forgiven Sega, but we best them anyways and now they have all but given up.

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spurgeonryan said:

Anyone else feel that way?

Every fanboy of a certain company feels the same way (me included). Not saying that you're a fanboy though.

On a roll today.

Only Activision. I want them to burn on the saturation of CoD shooters, and killing the music game genre. Leave Blizzard alive though.
Totally ok with Sony (the company not it's fanbase) and Microsoft (the fanbase not the company)

The rest I either don't really care, or like em enough. Like Square Enix deserves what it's getting but I still want them to do well for the sake of the relevance of JRPGs.

EDIT:Right about should be punished but not fail. Madden and FIFA are huge and I'm not sure who could take those up. Nintendopie  Was obviously right and I was obviously wrong. I will forever be a lesser being than them. (6/16/13)

EA needs to burn for their wicked, wicked ways. It would please me to see them fall.

No I find it hard not to hurt ppl that hurt me. When someone attacks my choices I attack theirs. It's personal. But I love all the systems.. I love my vita and I want Sony to make some games for it. I want Ps4 to succeed too. I just want ppl to shut up about the negativity. And I want Nintendo to be number one!

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I only hate the ones that hate Nintendo, and by association, hate me as a fan of them. I say live and let live. To each his own. But if you cross the line onto my turf, shit's going down.

I used to feel the same back in the n64 days but I adapted fairly quickly and I'm fairly open minded about other companies (a good game is a good game regardless of who makes it), though I've stuck with nintendo through their highs and lows to this day. I've had to become a multiplat guy the last 3 gens (a guy needs something to play while waiting for the next zelda or mario game after all). As long as nintendo are around in some form, and they continue to make games I'll be satisfied with that regardless of whether they have the top selling console or not

Having said that I find myself, just lately, hating not the company itself, but all the sony fans sprouting their negative shit everywhere. The ps4 looks potentially good but its not the second coming ffs. I try to ignore it but it's gettng me down to the point where I feel like I should just stay away...yet I can't!!!

The only thing I don't like is people talking lies about the system I enjoy. And mostly because those people have yet experienced the damm console. But I do laugh at struggling companies that makes decisions about spending a lot of money sending something that seems unnecessary just for the sake of being more powerful. Then you see a bunch of new first party titles that lacks character and charisma, reason why they die after the first iteration.
I don't hate them, they were around last gen when everybody hated the Wii, and I could not had a bigger and better library of steady and great games, and third party gems that cracked every once in a time.

The Wii didn't give Nintendo a shred of honor, just cash. Call it like it is.

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As someone who is NOT a fanboy, then no. I don't sit and hope for other consoles to fail. I just want Nintendo to succeed, and by succeed, I mean make lots of awesome games that I can enjoy.

If you're into gaming for anything BEYOND that, you have serious, non-game related problems.