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Marcan said himself on his twitter account around the same time but i wouldnt expect news like that to be taken seriously here. Im not going to go searching around Twitter just to find one quote. The fact that you agree with ethomaz (whatever the troll's name is) already confirms where your mind is set.

so me and ethomaz who take time to present information and try to have a good disucssion are trolling..... >_>

Must be nice and comfortable in denialville 

Oh please, I don't know about you but ethomaz has his little agenda to push.

I remember how excited he was in the Digital Foundry thread about WiiU not being next gen.

Probably came all over his screen from masturbating so furiously.

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Okay, i'll admit to having a hand in how this thread degraded (though the idiocy from Epic that spawned it set the tone), but if we're just going to start insulting each other, i'm going to shut it down.


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Mr Khan said:
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Don't think he ever said it was 100% certain but these information were derived from the best methods possible. They were done with scans of the actual hardware that a company provided to gaf a while back for free (would have cost them a lot of money to get it done it too if they didn't get it for free. Argue with him using facts. What facts or estimates do you have? What are they based on? Why would they be better than the ones he provided? Have a proper discussion..both sides might learn things that way

WiiU IS weaker than many expected. The only ones setting themselves up is you folk who don't accept this. So many major developers have said the same. It's not they have some 'hate' towards Nintendo...it is what it is. Accept it and move on. Nintendo wanted to include the tablet controller so they cheaped out on the rest of the hardware to keep the price as low as possible and that's the reality. It's a huge risk..it worked for wii because it caught on with a whole new market that loved it! WiiU, at least as of now, doesn't seem to be anywhere near that. 

Again no one is OUT to get Nintendo. Not us nor the devs. It's upto them to turn the ship around and they are capable folk..I'm sure they will do fine. There is however no need to be so defensive of the fact that wiiu isn't much more powerful than the PS360

When are the third party apologists going to get that the third parties *are* out to get Nintendo? There's a long history of third parties double-dealing, self-sabotoging, and saying downright insulting things to Nintendo to a far greater degree than their dealings with any other manufacturer in history.

The simple fact is that third parties are either stupider than any business should be, or they are being malevolent. It depends on your outlook of human nature, but it doesn't bode well for any of them either way.

I'm willing to accept that there will be difficulties due to the hardware's strength, but the other side has to realize that the anti-Nintendo sentiment in the industry is very real, and not a "tin-foil hat" thing.

Edit: i'd like to add that if you look at my signature, i'm perfectly willing to give third party games a chance if they're quality games, despite the fact that Capcom is worthy of many a Nintendo fans' grudge after their double-dealing with Wii last generation. The hate is largely on principle, and doesn't bear out if a game is actually worth purchasing.


I honestly am not sure if I should bother explaining to you. As you seem to be more than willing to put the blame on everyone else BUT Nintendo. Seems that you think Nintendo is not to be blamed for their situation...they have done what 3rd parties have asked for them (BS) and they don't support Nintendo as much not because of hw/sw sales, not because the system is weak compared to ps4/720, and not because nintendo failed to establish a market on their console for the types of games many third parties make nowadays. The only apologist here is you defending Nintendo like no tomorrow. Wake up and smell the coffee Khan..Nintendo messed up. Their approach was high risk high reward....didn't play out as they wanted it to and now they are in a pickle. 

I will say third parties need to be a bit more respectful/professional in how they say things. But this is nothing new. PS3 had plenty of such comments aimed at it too over the initial years. Not a special case of 'hate' towards Nintendo

I'll agree that we've reached an impasse. Wii U is Nintendo's response to third parties, and third parties should man the fuck up and have some creativity and vision for once.

so 3rd parties wanted a machine with a controller with a huge screen and hardware that is only a bit more powerful than consoles that were released 5-6 years ago? Show me what 3rd party wanted that.

Guys, it's hardware, and it works, and it will sell because Nintendo will make it sell. It doesn't need to be top of the line to attract 3rd parties, and 3rd parties are putting pressure on Nintendo that isn't necessary.

If they will put UE4 on tablets, then there's no valid reason for them to shun the U, unless it's the concern that it might fail, OR an agenda against Nintendo going its own way (and why wouldn't that be possible, 3rd party apologists?).

Suppose Nintendo had beefed up their specs to the point of the X-Box 720 and PS4.  How much do you suppose that would cost them?  Let's say... 70 dollars.  Would that be a fair estimate?  First parties make about 7 dollars per third party game sold.  So, Nintendo would have to sell 10 third party games to make up the added cost.  The attach rate for a system is, on average, about 10.  So... the odds of Nintendo winning out on this would be slim.  Of course this is an oversimplification as other factors come into play, but financially a more powerful system would not likely work.

The other option would be eliminating the tablet and using that money to beef up specs.  If they did that, we'd have a Wii U that would be an X-Box 720/PS4 but with the added benefit of Nintendo first party software.  THIS would be the equivalent of a Gamecube, and that strategy would work out poorly.  If Nintendo aimed at the same market as Microsoft and Sony do, they'd lose.  Unless Nintendo radically changed their development strategy and alienated their fanbase AND did a 180 in terms of marketing, they'd struggle very mightily to tear Call of Duty fans away from their console of choice.

So, Nintendo did what they do.  They focussed on new control gimmicks (gimmick as in: an ingenious or novel device, scheme, or stratagem, especially one designed to attract attention or increase appeal) and kept their marketing broad rather than trying to zero in on the particular sect of 16-34 year old male gamers that their rivals appeal to. The strategy hasn't panned out perfectly so far, but I suspect that once Nintendo rolls out some software that better uses the Gamepad, things will turn around.  It is a very cool idea that Nintendo has done a poor job at marketing (why Nintendo chose to put Rayman Legends in their demo units instead of NIntendo Land stuff is beyond me).

As for how to appeal to that "hardcore" demographic, we've seen Nintendo's strategy with Bayonetta 2.  Nintendo's idea is to use their money to fund software instead of beef up hardware.   Is Bayonetta 2 going to make a gamers choose a Wii U over a PS4?  Nope.  But, it will go a long way towards making the Wii U worthwhile as a secondary console.  I suspect we're going to see a lot more of Nintendo acting as a publisher as time goes on.

TL:DR version-  Appealing to the "hardcore" demographic is not as simple as shoving more RAM into a box.  Making a system that would compete with PS4/720 on the hardcore front would be a losing strategy.  Nintendo's current strategy has not paid off just yet, but its chances of success are far greater than the suicidal approach people seem to be advocating.