Forums - Sports Discussion - Greek football player banned for life for Nazi salute.

Is a life ban for Nazi salute, too harsh?

Yes. Political correctness is to blame. 114 54.55%
No. He deserved the life ban. 47 22.49%
No. He got away lightly. 14 6.70%
Do not care. 32 15.31%

Young Greek footballer banned for life for Hitler/Nazi salute. The young footballer apparently had no idea he performed a Hitler/Nazi salute. Political correctness makes a big deal out of small non issues. A life ban sounds very harsh for an innocent mistake. 

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That's messed up. People these days are highly sensitive. Maybe he really didn't know it was offensive. A lot of people imitate what they see on TV/internet without knowing what it means.

ignorance is not a defense in the court of law.



Whether or not he should have gotten banned for life, that's no innocent mistake. He was very clearly not pointing to someone in the crowd.

Of course it was a really terrible thing to do and he had to be punished somehow but seriously, this guy is only 20 years old - still half a child. I guess he was simply stupid and naive. A lifetime ban is far too harsh. They should have given him a chance to explain and apologize.

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If this was his first offense then a lifetime ban is too harsh. A half-yearly-salary fine and a half-a-year ban would have given him plenty of incentive and time to think about what he did.

According to the article he is banned for life from the Greek national team, but not from club football. I guess if he plays really well, his lifetime ban will be lifted. Wouldn't be the first time that a football player gets booted from the national team and returns a few years later.

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The war ended long ago. Its not fair to blame someone who wasnt even alive then.

And... its not like football players are known for their educations.


On the other hand... it also says that people cant expect to get away with everything and should show more respect. I think theres a middle point here thats beeing missed.

He's only banned from the Greek national team. He can still play on his club and other national teams.

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badgenome said:
Whether or not he should have gotten banned for life, that's no innocent mistake. He was very clearly not pointing to someone in the crowd.

More or less the case.

It seems too extreme on the face of it....

however I'd guess he has a history of this behind the scenes.

They all have the same look of "Shit dude, for christ sake not in public".


I mean... the defense is.... "I don't know what a Nazi salute is."  


It's the greek national team, so if he plays well enough they're sure to revoke the ban.  That's just how soccer works.