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I'd like a very simple way to go into my profile and immediately tell if there have been any posts to a thread I may have recently replied to. For me, it really makes me lose interest in a debate when I've entered 5 or 6 different threads and will have to remember to check each and every one of them later to see if new replies had been posted since my last response. Possibly have, along with the post description, a 'post count' and a 'new posts' count - that would be awesome... ...in fact, going into my profile and looking at my past posts doesn't need to be so verbose - a 'mailbox' type view, in my opinion, would be more than sufficient: Thread Name - Total Posts - New Posts - Last Posting Date Perfect!!! :)

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Um if it's not too much would like to have montly and yearly American charts back. As well as comparisons for it as well. And hopefully an extended European chart section. But otherwise everything else is pretty good. But I'm mainly on here for sales not chatting. So I'm sure you have all that planned to bring back but just thought I'd bring it up if ya dont' mind.

Avinash_Tyagi said:
boychat said:

first, the "The Latest Worldwide Console Sales". Wii sold 6.57 million at the end of March, and 6.40 m right now?

Well, North America chart was good, but now its a joke.

 put more attention to World (hardware/software) section...

 Adjustements were made when Data came in that showed VGchartz was overtracking the Others section, but they were accurate on the Americas stuff.


If you don't think the Americas numbers are accurate enough here's a perfect solution, help expand VGchartz retailer network 

Before adjustements, Americas Wii March sales (5 weeks) = 444000.  not accurate at all.

the pretty accurate sales numbers.

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BenKenobi88 said:
Legend11 said:

My input... (I likely won't be here long even if I'm not banned because of this post, the Wii fanboy aspect of the site is getting to be too much, it wouldn't be bad if the site was balanced but it's not.)

1. That this site is a wii fanboy paradise. Seriously why not change the site's name to wiichartz.com? People like Kwaad are basically your whipping boys, I can point out half a dozen other users that post flame bait on here that haven't ever been banned and strangely enough they're *all* Nintendo fanboys. The only ones that get banned are Xbox and Sony ones. Seriously name me *one* person that was banned because they were a Wii troll or posted flamebait against the Xbox 360 and/or PS3.

2. News? Seriously just make some deals with some Wii fansites and put rss feeds to their news on your page if you want to continue running things the way they are now and never grow the site. If you're serious though and want to make a decent news section, why not contact *all* the gaming sites, ign, gamespot, etc, and make deals to use rss feeds. They get the clicks and interest generated from those feeds and you get a real news section with very little effort involved in upkeep. Keep the fanboy news postings from members of this site to a minimum (eg. "The Aliens are buying Xbox 360 games"), crap that like hauls this site down.

Also controversial things like counting a Wii pack-in game hauls down the site as well. It gives the appearance of the site being Wii biased needlessly and messes with the rest of the numbers on the site for the share of game sales by console, attachment rates, etc.

1. Yes, there's lots of Wii fans here, but I haven't see anything close to the annoyance of Kwaad or Hus, save for maybe a couple Wii fans, but they haven't done anything ban-worthy yet, and they don't post as frequently either.

2. not a bad idea.

And there's a few threads that discuss the Wii Sports pack-in game...it's not that controversial...in America, you're paying for the game in the system bundle, you're getting the actual Wii Sports disc. The only thing possibly controversial is the fact that you have to buy the game, and maybe some people don't play it...but either way, you ARE buying the game when you buy the Wii.


I agree with Legend11 on his first point about this site having a wii slant to it. It's created mainly by the user base here and really limits the growth of this site. There are a bunch of users here who side with Nintendo and are just as bad, if not worst, then Kwaad, but their trolling or flamebait posts go unnoticed and unpunished simply because there are very few Playstation or X-box fans on this site to annoy and to complain about it. When Kwaad or another Playstation or X-box fan makes a similar post of the same trolling/flamebait magnitude, more outrage occurs because there are so many wii fans here. And no offence to the mods but they only seem to react to these posts when people start complaining. Therefore if there is no one to complain about the wii users making flamebait posts, nothing is done about it. 

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I don't go to this site for news.  There are several other blogs out there skimming the net for the latest:  Kotaku, Joystiq, Engadget.  This site to me is for raw numbers.  It is the site that gives fuel to fanboy fires.  It is the most reliable account of systems sold and is considered by most forums to be the most definitive numbers set we have to play with.

 So as far as forum and news....while I think these areas are entertaining, they aren't my favorite to read (Few forums are fun to read, but we all find ourselves here anyway...go figure).  My point is that I think the site should focus on numbers and stats.  I'm not sure how popular this site has become, or if this desire to revamp the forum and/or site is in response to forum threads or a reduction in raw hits per day, but I would think that the site is highly traveled, though less likely posted in than the boards at IGN or Gamespot.  And I don't think that should matter.  This site should be a geekfest....not system wars.  In my opinion, the idea of us weighing in on a systems merits seems to reek of bias and should be kept to a minimum.  We really should only be looking at trends and speculation, cause and effect.

But none of that matters.  Forums will be forums.

Aside from that, I do have a couple quick ideas for chart modifications:

1: I would like to know when a chart was last updated.  I am specifically referring to the main page numbers.  I would also like to know what the last confirmed totals via Media Create and NPD were.  For instance, this month some modifications were necessary to better reflect the sales numbers.  Of course this will happen and should not be misconstrued as bias or incompetence.  This site is supposed to predict, otherwise we could all just keep track ourselves.  That being said, it would be nice to know the last time the numbers were precisely true representaions as opposed to current speculation.  

2: I would love to see a countdown for when we are expecting new numbers.  I understand that there is no way to pinpoint the exact hour or minute, but some on here seem to know the exact day.  For the rest of us who aren't quite so informed it would be nice to have a little reminder.  This could help reduce the number of pointless threads regarding simply the date of the numbers, as opposed to their significance.


Other than that, great site.  Know that despite the state of the forums or the news the site is a valuable resource across the net. 

Some great points there and a lot to address all at once so I'll select the most prominent. VG Chartz main focus is on charts and sales figures. That has always been the case and will remain so. Those asking for charts and comparisons to be reinstated - that is on the way, don't worry! However, in order to expand the site and support the charts we have also developed the community aspect, where users can come and discuss the latest news and so forth. We are well aware of charts issues and so on, but this is all about community stuff. As far as the community having a Wii slant - why is that? It is certainly not intentional. I guess Wii sells well, people link to the site in pro-Wii conversations, Wii fans sign up. Mods are certainly not biased and the site is not biased so help us by attracting more Sony / Microsoft fans to the site. Private message me with users you feel are making anti-ps3 or anti-360 posts in a deceptive manner. We are trying to come up with a neat way to aid forum navigation. What is it that people want? Would a list of forums you have posted in that have been updated since you last visited be reasonable? In order of last post maybe? The news aspect of the site is being worked on now. I already have 3 news contributors who wish to write for us on a regular basis, another 2-3 are most welcome (email me if you are interested). Game database will be here soon with full listings and details on all the games on our system. Integral with that will be game rankings, most popular games and so on - all very exciting stuff. Going back to the charts for my final point - the front page data does now have a reference as to when the data is - the values for NA and Japan are updated when the NA and Japan charts are and Others will follow in a similar manner soon. Click the value to get to the source info. As far as counting down and so on, data is always updated every Wednesday / Thursday, so that is simple. Listing NPD / Media Create data is not going to happen for a number of reasons. Our figures are as accurate as possible for the periods they cover - if you want to compare with data from other trackers then do so in the forums. Keep questions and points coming please Thanks ioi

ioi said:
Would a list of forums you have posted in that have been updated since you last visited be reasonable? In order of last post maybe?

Like I said - the easiest and most user friendly feature (in my opinion) would be to simply have a mailbox type view in the user profile. There's no need for it to be as verbose as it is now (I certainly don't need to know exactly what I had posted (if I'm that interested, I could always re-enter the thread and look for myself) - just a simple (Thread Title, Total Posts, and Total Unread Posts) would be perfect.

I'm just looking for a way to easily recognize which threads I should go back and check in case somebody happened to reply to one of my postings. The 'Total Unread Posts' should reset back to '0' after I've viewed the thread.

...I've certainly never designed my own forums, so I have no idea the difficulty involved in this, but as a programmer, I would simply do something like:

1) Everytime I post in a thread, that thread is added to my profile - along with the total post count at the time of my entry.

2) When I go to view my profile (specifically, my forum posts), update the 'Unread Posts' counter by recording the difference between the current post total in the thread and the number that was stored in step #1 - that would tell me that there have been new entries in the thread since I last posted

3) Every time I re-enter a thread, update my 'total post count' in my profile to be the current post total (effectively, resetting the 'Unread Posts' to '0')


Of course, I'm probably over-simplifying this....    :(



The news section! Usually it's stupid crap that's not even news... Fake news on the front page of the website isn't really great for the sites integrity. Also it just takes longer to get to the "recent post" box.

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i think a news section is unnecessary. people that come to this site are obviously avid gamers and visit several gaming sites anyway. usually interesting or obscure news stories wind up in the threads anyway. i don't see the need for a news section. every other site has one; but no other site has the charts and data this site has. i would spend your efforts improving the charts sections; it is the reason most people came here in the first place.