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ioi said:
kn said:

As far as the news is concerned, I just like to read the headlines and if they pique my interest, I'll click the link and read it. I'd say an N4G type setup would be great. I just scan the headlines and see if anything grabs my interest. I'll read the first few and maybe check out the comments (always good for a stupid laugh) and move on.

I like the "most active threads" at the bottom. When I log on, I scroll straight to the bottom to see what has been posted recently.

An interesting twist on the threads might be to have two columns -- most active on right and on the left, any thread I've posted in and/or subscribed to so that I can keep track of the threads I'm interested in.

Well, depending upon any comments in this thread I am keen to move to a new system. Latest stories found elsewhere and so on can be created as forum threads and discussed in the forum. I may rejig the front page a little and have the most popular forum topics more prominent but effectively this makes the current news system redundant. I've already had comments as to "what should i create as news and what as a forum topic" well from now on all user stuff can be in the forum and the news section can be official news stories by nominated users. That gives a clear distinction between the two.

I like the idea of a panel or something when you log in with the most recent threads you posted in - maybe below the current control panel on the left hand side? That way you can quickly go back to the last 10 threads you posted in and see what replies there have been (or even highlights ones with replies maybe?).

What other annoying features are there? Things you want to do but that takes 4-5 clicks to get to the right page? Shortcuts you'd like? Different ways to arrange or summarise information? Let me know and I'll see what I can do

 Agreed on the stories/news sections.  I never took the time to figure out the difference anyway so I see dropping the stories to the forums and just have a breaking news section to be a great idea.  Also, I do like the idea of a panel with threads posted in listed.  I would like them sorted so that they show which ones have replies as the primary sort and which has the newest as the secondary sort.  It might make sense for a person that posts a lot to be able to expand the list to see all posts that have replies if there are more than 10.

A rep system seems to work on some boards to keep things somewhat civil.  Trolls will be trolls and nothing will stop that, but average posters become better posters and good ones become great when they feel there is a reputation at stake for posting garbage.  That may be a lot to code and the benefit very little, though.

I'd like to see vg chartz become more of a forum to support all platforms.  Maybe it woud be worth expanding on the "descriptions" part explaining what each of the forums are for -- i.e.  The sales form is for discussing local, regional, and worldwide console and handheld hardware and software sales.   I know it sounds trivial, but a relatively decent title so newer folks know what they are looking for would be helpful.

Also, some stickies further describing what each form is for along with the posting rules would be nice as well.

Also, a one-click to the forums would be nice.  I know you have a "community" button, then go forum, but why not just click a forum button and go straight there?

All in all, you have a great site and it is the primary place I go to read stuff that is sales-related.  There is no reason why sales-related can't include upcoming games, hardware rumors, peripherals and other fringe stuff. 

I hate trolls.

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What I would like is a list of upcoming title in the US, Europe and possibly Japan.

 Maybe also a rumours and speculation section

add me

I would like the same features for all the regions of the world. Things like totals, console comparisons and so forth. Or perhaps allow us to download the raw data so we can create our own charts and graphs.

As far as the forum goes, a search function would be extremely useful so the same arguments don't get retreaded over and over. 

Skimmed the other responses, apologies if any of this is repeated

I more or less like the forum.  Aside from the below complaints (the first one is actually bugging me precisely as I type this), the only forum funtion I've *ever* seen that beats this place is a forum that had an arcade of Flash games, where users high-scores were posted for bragging rights.  But that's an extra.

The forum needs:

1) plain text reply boxes... various aspects of the auto-formatting get really annoying (REALLY annoying)

2) a universal Mod PM box, so that in the off-chance no mod is online, whoever logs on next will get the message and we don't have to take a crap-shoot as to who that will be. 

3) a way for individual posts to be flagged (as abusive/offensive/flaming/etc) by users, so Mods can see precisely how many users have issues with a particular post.  Obviously, they wouldn't rely on how many flags a post gets to decide what action to take, but simply how much attention a particular issue needs.


1) "compare consoles" charts for more than just Japan... if possible, the ability to compare more than two consoles, and the ability to compare consoles from different regions (say Japanese Saturn sales vs. American N64 sales)

My suggestion for the news section: give everybody the ability to post a news item, but have every item sit as "inactive" until a "News Mod" comes by to activate it.  Inactive posts are visible, but cannot be responded to or voted on.  The News Mod would obviously only activate the posts that feel professional, and out of those, the top-voted ones get to the front page.  Only active posts are capable of front-pagination, and after seven days, an active post reverts to "inactive" status, and leaves front page.

For the news's own page, I'd suggest a layout more like actual news websites: the frontpage articles are all, well, on the front page, and on the sidebar there are sections for, say, "sales," "games," "industry," or whatever.  Posters would have to choose the most appropriate section for their article to go into when they post it.  This way, the news section is easier to navigate, and articles that aren't on the front page are easier to find.

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Legend11 said:

My input... (I likely won't be here long even if I'm not banned because of this post, the Wii fanboy aspect of the site is getting to be too much, it wouldn't be bad if the site was balanced but it's not.)

1. That this site is a wii fanboy paradise. Seriously why not change the site's name to wiichartz.com? People like Kwaad are basically your whipping boys, I can point out half a dozen other users that post flame bait on here that haven't ever been banned and strangely enough they're *all* Nintendo fanboys. The only ones that get banned are Xbox and Sony ones. Seriously name me *one* person that was banned because they were a Wii troll or posted flamebait against the Xbox 360 and/or PS3.

2. News? Seriously just make some deals with some Wii fansites and put rss feeds to their news on your page if you want to continue running things the way they are now and never grow the site. If you're serious though and want to make a decent news section, why not contact *all* the gaming sites, ign, gamespot, etc, and make deals to use rss feeds. They get the clicks and interest generated from those feeds and you get a real news section with very little effort involved in upkeep. Keep the fanboy news postings from members of this site to a minimum (eg. "The Aliens are buying Xbox 360 games"), crap that like hauls this site down.

Also controversial things like counting a Wii pack-in game hauls down the site as well. It gives the appearance of the site being Wii biased needlessly and messes with the rest of the numbers on the site for the share of game sales by console, attachment rates, etc.

1. Yes, there's lots of Wii fans here, but I haven't see anything close to the annoyance of Kwaad or Hus, save for maybe a couple Wii fans, but they haven't done anything ban-worthy yet, and they don't post as frequently either.

2. not a bad idea.

And there's a few threads that discuss the Wii Sports pack-in game...it's not that controversial...in America, you're paying for the game in the system bundle, you're getting the actual Wii Sports disc. The only thing possibly controversial is the fact that you have to buy the game, and maybe some people don't play it...but either way, you ARE buying the game when you buy the Wii.


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"What don't you like about VG Chartz? " The complete lack of full frontal nudity. Nothing really. I generally ignore posts/threads that are stupid and I have really liked all of the changes that are slowly rolling through.

I have to agree with Legend11. This site is way Wii biased. I have seriously enjoyed the posts of Kwaad (Hus was bannable for sure). It seems like if anyone talks bad about the Wii they are met with harsh criticism, name calling and at times a ban.

Noone HAS ever or WILL ever be banned simply for not liking the Wii.

The Moderator team here, is NOT BIASED toward the Wii, 360 or PS3, and will ban posted for their ACTIONS and not their IDEAS


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I'm not really sure if the weekly NA charts is a good idea since they're 99% guesses that will need adjusting anyway when the NPD report is released. And please bring back the "compare games" and "compare consoles" features for the NA data.