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Jozu said:
Pretty sure they said OP2 has got 500,000 preorders. Your telling me it sold half that?

350/500 =/= 0.5

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They SHIPPED 500k, meaning there are 500k copies in circulation right now. It doesn't mean that they've sold 500k huge difference.

Massive decline for one piece even with PS3+Vita it's under half what the frist game sold, it held up the Vita but I doubt namco will be very happy about that.

Vita did slightly better than I expected I thought it'd decline a little but it held, Vita problem will start from now on with little to no software for the next 4-5 months.

Little sad that Disgaea didn't sell a bit more.

Jozu said:
Pretty sure they said OP2 has got 500,000 preorders. Your telling me it sold half that?
Shipped 500k.... sold ~350k... so 150k units in the shelves... seems ok.

Same for Luigi game.... shipped 500k... sold 280k.

Good numbers for Luigi and big, big drop for OP. Nevertheless, it still good numbers for it.

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Vita just keeps defying everyone's expectation. "Next week it'l drop like a rock", "Ok then next week!'
Eventually they're bound to get it right tho lol.

One Piece PS3 sales are disappointing but Vita version is above expectations.
Hopefully Soul Sacrifice can hold on longer on the charts. It should stay in the top20.

Vita actually looks like a sustainable platform by looking at this weeks chart. Good sales, lots of games charted. Hopefully Sony can keep it up.

I wonder how many Vita's sold are the 3G ones?

Conegamer said:
Otakumegane said:
AbbathTheGrim said:
Otakumegane said:

What's the next months look like?

There's FFX/X-II but I don't know the official release date.

Wait...that's literally it?

Huh. I guess they're counting on indies to fill up some of the software gaps then. Maybe they gave them extra incentive to even do so.

Yeah. That was my reaction. 

Should have spaced the games out to keep sales strong throughout the year. I don't see anything getting it near 40k until FF, but does that even have a release date?

Spaced out, these games wouldn't really have had much of an impact. 

So I won't trust that user on Neogaf anymore (not that I ver did actually).

why even bother selling xbox in japan?

carlos710 said:
mutantclown said:
Conegamer said:
That's what I'm talking about Luigi!

Actually disappointing for OP, very much so. And Vita flat, but it's all downhill from here.

Vita is not flat, it's actually up ~5K. Why is it downhill from here? it went up with no major release, next week onwards it could settle down on ~30K without any. The only thing going downhill is the Wii U, that thing can't beat the PSP.


The vita it's coming from a big pricecut + several big releases while it has almost nothing new for months. It's obviously downhill from here. Takin in consideration the facts and the numbers already are disappointing and odds are that it will get worse.

Anyways, about what I expected for Luigi ... it should break a million eventually. I think for handhelds digital purchases is much more common compared to consoles (this is true for both Vita and 3DS imo). I plan to get Luigi's mansion digitally too.

But you people have been saying that since week 1 of the price cut and you get proven wrong week after week.