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After seeing a few posts about scary encounters, I created this thread to get people to share them.

My only really scary encounter was when I was down at the local park with my friends. It was getting late, and we soon had to go home. On our walk, we noticed this car behind us. It was so quiet, we never even heard it 10 ft. away!! Any way we kept walking and after walking a little way's we noticed the car was slowly following us. We then decided to stop, and watch, thinking he would stop, but he suddenly picked up speed, and drove almost straight at us!!!! He then took off up the road. (Not exactly the scariest thing, but you had to be there!)

Also Paranormal activity would be nice and creepy.

(Side Note, Your story should be at least as scary as mine, which isn't very)




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i had a dream in which me and my family were murdered but i was the last one and saw my family as ghosts. Scared the hell out of me.



Being in the old part of the cemetery and hearing things from the woods sounding like children and being fixated on that then looking down to see a huge flock of ravens at your feet and crawling on your feet and being able to walk through them and they were not flying away.

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My friend and I were driving in a canyon around 12:30 at night in his VW Bug, he wen't into a wide turn doing about 40-50 miles per hour, we hit a little stream of water and he slammed the brakes, they locked and the back end of his car fishtailed for about 2 meters until we hit a tiny rockwall wich was only about 30 cm's in height. Well apparently that was enough to send our bug rolling :P We rolled 3 and a half times, for a distance of about 50-60 meters xD

It was pitch black out and all we could see for a long time was the one headlight from the upturned bug, we ended up walking a good mile or so until a group of guys headed up the road in an SUV, we told them our story and they said they'd come back (ignoring us, we were beat up, filthy and a bit bloody :P ), eventually they did come back and we got a ride to the city down below.

When we went back to see the wreck the day after, our car had landed literally like 10 feet (maybe 3 meters) from a 200 foot drop-off with no railing :3

Not exactly paranormal or anything like that :P but it was pretty damn scary xD 

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Well, its not what I'd called the scariest thing that's happened to me (that would be factual stuff such as my car crash, etc.) but in vein of what you're looking for:

a) I'd just been to see The Exorcist in cinema aged 15 (26 years ago!) and I get home, settle into bed... and something starts scratching the ceiling above me (my room was on top floor of house under attic). Needless to say this rattles me given self same incident in the movie. Eventually I (very reluctantly) investigate on my own (as I don't want to let my folks think I'm spooked after seeing the movie). After much tense creeping around in a dark attic full of boxes and old crap you can imagine my relief when it turns out its a trapped pigeon!

b) once while walking in high winds I realised something was hurtling right towards me and turned to see a metal garbage bin lid coming right at me like something from a poltergeist movie. I froze, hair on end, so shocked I didn't even think to duck... and it crashed to a halt about an inch from my face on a thin wire mesh fence I hadn't realised was there. The hairs on my neck certainly stood up for that one!

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I was walking on a forest road when the closest streetlight started to flicker and got black just when I passed it. It would have been okay if it wasnt for the other 10+ streetlights doing exactly the same, just when I passed them too.
I don't know if it's the scariest, but at least it felt pretty paranormal :D

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This isn't paranormal but it was friggin scary. A cooling fan of the 4 foot across variety came apart and a piece about the size of an oar blade glanced off my chest. I just happened to be standing in the right place at the right time. If I had been 4 more inches forward it would have stuck me. Pretty scary.....to me anyway.

I have a very recent story.

Ok here it goes. My grandpa owns a house on Cape Cod right on the beach, and apparently the house is haunted.

Back in the day there used to be a house between my grandpa's and the ocean but in a big storm it got pulled in. This was all before my grandpa lived there. The person who owned the house before my grandpa reported hearing weird noises from the attic, and her story eventually made it into a book about haunted houses on the Cape.

Anyway, this last Christmas Eve my whole family spent the night in the house for a nice family holiday. At around 10:00 my little cousin gets sent to bed in a bedroom that has attic door in it. She goes to bed and the rest of us continue on with the party downstairs. After a while my cousin comes downstairs and says something like, "It's making weird noises".

My aunt goes upstairs to check and the attic door is open, and my cousin tells us that she heard knocking from behind the door. O_o

True story.

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When I was like 9 at a camp i climbed a tall tree and fell from the top trying to get down, the fall down was scary but didn't last long. and hey, i'm still here today so nothing bad happened.

That or when i went on a trip to New Zealand i went skydiving from 15,000 feet. Scary.

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