Forums - General Discussion - My ex came to see her kids for the first time in two years- first night at a hotel with them she braided my daughters hair like a Ghetto child and gave my boys earrings....

No one in their school has earrings, and she is a princess....not a rappers wife.


Plus she brings me hand me down clothes for them. Not to he rude, but the clothing is aimed at inner city kids. kids are white and in yuppie neighborhoods. Should I listen to her wishes or change them back to normal as soon as she leaves for two more years?

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You probably have the craziest/most interesting life out of anyone on this website. Your personal life threads are always weird.

I would appease her until she leaves and then bring everything back to normal.

Ignore her. If you spend more time with your kids, I'm sure you'll know what is best for them.

Two years? That's a long time to not see your children.

change them back to normal
Your ex should not be allowed to have so much influence on your children if she hasn't seen them for 2 years.
As you are the one who is taking care of the children they should look more the way like you want them.
I guess your neighbour has more contact to your children than your ex-and i'm pretty sure you would not allow him /her to make your daughter look like a rappers wife.

I guess she is either trying to make herself look interessting and younger than she is for the children to be remembered as cool mom or she is trying to manipulate them for some unknown reason(than you may very soon be considered like boring old dad by your children)
But don't try to change them back by force or authority,but in a reasonable way.

never thought yuppies to waste their time on vgchartz

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You should have sex with her so when she goes away for 2 more years she can comeback with a ghetto looking kid and that way you can figure out if that looks cool or not.

Ghetto people aren't the only people who braid their hair. I feel very offended by this thread.

Jay520 said:
Ghetto people aren't the only people who braid their hair. I feel very offended by this thread.

I'm pretty sure he didn't want to offend any ghetto people

Im ghetto fabulous :X

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Seems kinda retarded to view the wearing of earrings as a racial thing, especially when half of the white woman on campus wears them. The inner city clothing part I can understand, however.